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Johnny D Lewis (JD Lewis) / Blog

Americana Music !

Boy that word Americana Music really covers a large Spectrum In Definition. But the more I write songs the more I realize that is were I fit . Short and sweet Just Thought I would Share with you .

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Folk Music

Well it seems I was writing Florida Folk music for years and did not know it had a lable. I was fortunate to have a aunt and uncle that had been going to the Fla folk festivals for years. My Aunt persisted that I go and meet Frank thomas she said he lives on rattlesnake rd and I thought any damn body who lives on a road with a name like that well they got to be good ole fashion folks . So after waiting about a year in went and saut him out. We hit it off right off and he has to be one of the best inspirations for. All Fla Singer songwriters.my wife and I now sing all over the State of Florida and Ala Ga And Tenn. I will always write and sing my Americana country Swampgrass. But my Florida Folk has a huge part of my heart and alwas take me home

Thumb Tack

Country band

What will we tell our Grandchildren if we fail !

Johnny David Lewis shared JD Lewis's status. 3 minutes ago How much can our Environment Take ? If you love your pictures of Cabins beside babbling brooks, Blue Oceans, and mountain forest, Everglades teaming with wildlife. Then you, we, Have to start now! showing Respect to our Environment . and Protecting mother Nature Before it's too Late ! and these things that are Beautiful to our Eyes Are gone forever. Please help. be aware Take Notice Take Action, if you do one thing every day to help or protect the only world you, we , live in it will make a huge difference in the Environment. If we can take a Rocket Ship to the Moon Can we not Find a way to Protect the only Place we Call home ? Because the other Picture is not Pretty, Nor is it Pleasing to the eye or Heart.

On Fire !

Johnny David Lewis Have you ever Had a lighting bolt Strike while Playing guitar. Well it Happen to me and Blew the Guitar right out of my hands. Shot a blue spark out of my big toe and Arked on a nail in the Floor. fried the amp and im still alive and ok !!! But Now when i Play that Guitar i am On FIRE ! www.jdlewismusic.com True Story,

About JD jdlewismusic.com JD Lewis is a 320px;margin:0;padding:0;border:0;" Free Music Player for Myspace at ReverbNation.com Singer Songwriter, Florida Native, From a Fla Pioneer Family. With a Rich History of Florida ... Lik


Were dose the time go? Seems like only a few years Ago i was Wishing i was old enough to get a driver license. Now im a dad and grandad! and all the big plans of life seem to have changed to other plans. that i dident make! Time Give me back some time.

Never give up

I heard it said it dosent matter how you get to the top as long as you get there! Well i must be taking the long way. Cause i dang sure cant see it yet.And thay also say its when you feel like quitting the most and it all seems uphill that you should keep on going because your allmost there. Well i must allmost be there! J D Lewis

friends and fan's

Just REFLECTING , for a moment sometimes it seems im getting no weare fast. and then WHAM every thing just speeds up so fast . what a ride ! so im taking a moment. to tell all my friends family and fan's it would not be worth it without YOU!!! thank you all very much ....JD Lewis,

luck or work

when good things happen they say you must be a lucky person but there no such thing as luck you put yourself in the position for good things to happen by working smart and having goals ' or you can do nothing and complain about having nothing i guess that would be bad luck. so the next time somone says you must be lucky smile and say i guess so .and silently give credit to your self for your hard work