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Linda Geleris / Blog

2013 - Recording New CDs

Hi Fabulous Fan Friends! Hope you are all enjoying your summer so far! Technically, we're only two days into it . . . but still . . . :)

So, just in case you were wondering, and even if you weren't, I'M RECORDING!!! I'm so excited to share this happy news with you!

I'm about halfway through my 3rd solo CD project, and gearing up for my second trip to Nashville to wrap up the process! It has been the most amazing and thrilling dream-come-true!

So stay tuned, and something new and wonderful will be coming your way!

Leave me your comments, share my music with your friends, and stay in touch. Watch for upcoming shows, and I'll see you out there!

Happy May!!!

I'm really looking forward to this Tuesday night's Songwriter Serenade (hosted by the wonderful new daddy, JC Hyke.) May 14th at 7pm. It's a showcase (you get to see multiple artists in one night) it's ALL ORIGINAL music, and it's FREE!!!

The Songwriter Serenade is a weekly show held every Tuesday night at Matt Denny's Ale House Restaurant & Bar. Over 160 artists have now played the show! It starts at 7PM and goes to 9:30. Performers play their original songs for the audience on a lovely patio with a warm, inviting atmosphere. There are all styles and genres of music, with 4 or 5 different songwriters each week. The music is on a patio which is covered and has plenty of heaters for a warm, cozy evening. It is located at 145 E. Huntington Dr. in Arcadia, CA 91006. There is parking around the back.

Just Wrote a Song For Earth Day:)

So, my Trio (Women on the Move) is performing on the Mamapalooza stage at the "Earth Day L.A." (that's Los Angeles) Festival on April 17th. We are the "Star" Performers" due to take the stage at 5pm. For further information, see the show schedule on my Reverbnation page. It's also on my website lindageleris.com

In honor of the occasion, I just completed a song called "It's So Easy." It is officially the first song I've composed with my new mandolin! Pretty sweet!

Linda G

Just Home From Portland Tour!

After a great week touring from Los Angeles to Portland and back, I'm happy to report that it was a great trip of reaching out to new fans in new locations.

The name of my trio is "Women on the Move," and move we did! We had house concerts, an appearance at the prestigious "Portland Folk Music Society" hosted by Dick Weissman, and impromptu living room shows for our wonderful home hosts (who gave us beds and showers along the way, allowing us to keep hotel stays to a bare minimum.)

We even had one very memorable concert in a safe house which was so secret, we had to sign confidentiality forms and shred the address upon arrival for the safety and protection of the residents who are domestic violence survivors. One of the women, sitting in the front row had tears streaming down her face accompanied by a beaming smile as we sang our songs of hope and encouragement. There were many peak moments to our journey, but this one really moved us and showed us the vital power of music, and the role it plays in healing hearts.

At the Far-West Folk Alliance held this past November in Irvine, California, our trio shared a booth with potter and singer/songwriter Karl Smiley who had already booked us sight unseen (and unheard) for a house concert in his remote area of Oregon. I guess he was real nervous, until Joan and I performed in a showcase that he was hosting that weekend at the conference. He couldn't hide his relief as he told us how grateful he was that we didn't suck:) When we arrived in his tiny town last week, (that didn't even register on my GPS map,) we could see how real that pressure must have been, as the entire town came out to hear us play at their community center. If we had been awful, they never would have come to another of his concerts again!

The mayor of Summit (one day shy of his 80th birthday) invited us over for breakfast the next morning, and he shared his VERY fresh eggs (from his own home chicken coop) and very kind hospitality. We sang "Happy Birthday" in three part harmony and his eyes filled with tears. Earl is famous as the artist who has designed annual posters for the Monterey Jazz Festival, The Ashland Shakespeare Festival and the Venice Arts Festival here in Southern California, where his career began.

We opened for Chicago duo "The Small Potatoes" in San Luis Obispo and met many other wonderful musicians with a wide range of styles and backgrounds. If you're in that area, check out the Steynberg Gallery on Monterey Street (purveyor of fine art, coffees/teas, wine and beer) and a couple of doors down is "Splash Cafe" which has a great menu including phenomenal baked goods and lots of seafood yumminess. The owner really gushed about our act, which made us feel super-special.

We took tons of video and pictures . . . so keep your eyes peeled for new postings:)

Linda G