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love is many things and sometimes u dont realize them till you lose them i have made many bad decisions lies cheats torments in the egoish vain of what i deemed love love is not an object u force its action in action hand n hand all aspects i relized in my old bitterness in fighting for true love i was pushing it farther and farther from me forcing it out then the egos part jumps in and the needs for feeling anything pain false loves drugs booze lost music life yet still progress if u realize the mistakes u make and change the cycle we can all prosper together one shall not prosper off anothers back we share it just like love dont push the things or treat the people u love poorly as i have or u to will end up bitter and alone treat in love and u will receive love from all not just a mate i hope i can continue to learn in my isolations and become better from it in everway mind body and spirit i may have lost the love of my life in this realm doesnt mean i cant leave my self clues and forge a path of whats left to find it better the next time narrow paths all around every choice in life holds a surprize down to the smallest skipping your morning coffee once a week change the small cycles in life and over time the bigger cycles will change i love you and if u took the time to read this thank you be prosperous and love strong its never to late in an infinite world for UNI (ONE) VERSE AND WE HERE ARE ALL MUSICIANS DONT LIVE UP TO SOCIETIES STANDARDS OR FRIENDS LIVE UP TO YOUR OWN AND SHARE LOVE WITH THEM

the world

the world is a beautiful place enjoy every second each moment and the ones u get to spend it with give to your fellow man and receive the world in return smile and see the sun

today is the day

today is the day i must change myself for tomorrow i may be different i have to start somewhere