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oso negro / Blog

BUTCHERED EP ready to drop

Waddup? Ready for some boom bap? I was. So I teamed up w/ Phil A aka the Beat Makin MC on this new project. 4 tracks of headnod beats w/ more raw flows. Keeping it more in classic hip-hop mode this time, there is less emphasis on singing and more on straight rapping and having fun. http://www.osonegromusic.com - new website!

HUNGRY BEAR album now available.

Hungry Bear dropped on 9.27.11 featuring production by Nick B, Worth, DJ on the 1, Owlright, and New Madrid Click. Also find fellow mic-rippers Jason da Hater and Charles Engels on the track "Nom de Salive." Artwork courtesy of the talented Noah Saterstrom (http://www.noahsaterstrom.com).

find it for download or streaming at http://osonegro.bandcamp.com , along w/ free downloads of my previous album Out The System, done w/ beats by DJ Toe.