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Inukshuk Pass / Blog

Making a Song

Step #1 Write it Step #2 Re-write it Step #3 Arrange it Step #4 Rearrange it Step #5,6,7,8,9 Rehearse it Step #10,11,12,13,14- perform it live for fans Now it's a Song.

Beargrease Marathon Week

Finally- the week so many wait for. Yes, it's the dead of winter in Duluth, MN and we can't wait to trudge around in the snow in search of hot chocolate, a hot tottie or a warm campfire. Mittens, scarves, boots, wool socks and a spirit of adventure is really all it takes to thoroughly enjoy the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. We have a lot of performances coming up next week for this great winter gathering. Check out the schedule and come on up to the north land. You will never forget the experience. EXHILARATING

Tons of good news on the Twin Cities performance front as well. Check it out and mark your calendars. Here we come. Can't wait to see y'all.

Beargrease in June!!!!!

Yes folks you heard it right. We'll be in concert in Duluth MN on June 12, 2010 More information will be coming here as the details get worked out.

2010...away we go...looking

Change is inevitable and there is a big one comin' down the road, or, i should say, we are going down the road to it. Look for Paul, our bass players, blog coming soon to keep up with the action as we hit the road. More info coming.