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Cd and Digital Distribution Song Sales

My songs are on itunes, amazon mp3, and many other music sellig websites, so if you like my music check it out! Also, I'm selling my CDs, so if you would like to buy one send email me at jake10rocks@aol.com and I will give you my address. Then you can send $5.75 in an envelope to my address with a return address and I will send a CD to you.

Songs are posted!

I finally have the songs posted and the Cds done! They will be on itunes and other music stores in 6-8 weeks. You can listen and download Out of Desperation, you can listen to The New Federation, and if you join my mailing list you can listen to Up in the Morning!


Finally I have a set date to record and am ready. The week of the 14th! Can't ait to record and post my songs!

songs 2

I am still in the process of re recording my songs, but will have them done in about 20 days.


I still have to put songs up, but I'm re recording them and will have them done in a month or two.


I finally got a Reverb Nation page. I can't wait to get started posting songs, pics, and shows.