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Farnell Cole / Blog

Busy times

Well folks with a song going into Smokehouse Studios in Nashville next week, and several others being placed on soon to be released CD's that are currently being recorded by Justin Lee, and by Jamie Davis, things are getting pretty busy around here.

Not so new news

Hello everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that I've been busy writing songs with my good friend Justin Lee who's Reverb page can be can be found at: https://www.reverbnation.com/justinleepartin

While you're there listen to a few of the tunes we wrote. If you like em become a fan and on FB: https://www.facebook.com/JustinLeePartin, and don't forget to tell all of your friends to check him out and like him too.

Sorry it's been so long between posts

Man it’s been a long time since I posted here, but in my own defense, I’ve been really busy. My partner Dave Younger and I have been steady writing and awaiting news (hopefully it will be good news) about several of our songs that have had holds placed on them and could ultimately end up being recorded or placed in an upcoming movie, with one being considered for a pilot TV Series. Stand by for updates as things progress.

Another Update from Cole & Younger

Greetings Reverb friends, I just realized I haven’t updated this section of my page for a couple of months. The writing team of Cole & Younger has been very busy writing and pitching our songs. Since my last posting, we have finished “End of the Row”, Superman in Overalls” and “She Didn’t Get Here on Her Own” (all are posted here for you to take a listen to). We’re working on some new ones to be released here, so check in often to hear the latest from Cole & Younger. F. C.

Latest Update from Cole & Younger

Well folks, I’m still sitting in Jail, and my song writing partner Dave Younger has now been laid off for a couple of months until business picks back up at his job, so Cole & Younger has decided to crank out a few new tunes in our spare time. In the past few weeks, we have added several new songs to our catalog to include; “Will There Be A Time In Heaven”, “Tear Stains on the Ryman Stage”, and Redneck Riviera”, with several more soon to be completed. So stop by here often to take another listen to see if anything we have to offer grabs ya.

"San Antonio Heat" Demo nearing Completion in Nashville

Many years ago, after a long evening in the bar of the famous Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas (the room that Teddy Roosevelt gathered up volunteers for his famous Rough Riders), I went up to my room and wrote the words to a song I called San Antonio heat. Other than winning a third place honor in the American Songwriter’s Lyrics Contest in November of 2007, it sat unfinished for many years. Well fast forward to 2010, and while swapping emails with my good friend, song writer, and Nashville Producer, Lonnie Ratliff, he offered to co-write this song with me and record it as a demo, and I was happy to agree to do just that. So, after Lonnie has added his magic touch to my words and put a tune to it, there have already been several recording sessions of our song there in Nashville, with the next one scheduled for Thursday. That is when Nashville Recording Artist, Perley Curtis will add a vocal and Steel Guitar track. Perley is one heck of a skilled singer/songwriter/musician, who played steel guitar in Loretta Lynn’s band for 6 years before he left the band and started making music on his own. Don’t get me wrong, it’s mighty exciting to sit down and write a song, and have it go from a simple concept, to words with music, to a recorded demo in just a few short days, as I have been doing for some time now with my writing partner Dave Younger. But it’s equally as exciting to have a song that was started nearly a decade ago, getting recorded in Nashville, as a demo by these two, very respected and talented artists, Mr Lonnie Ratliff and Mr. Perley Curtis. Dave and I have been busy shopping old songs, and writing new songs, so please keep checking back here on Reverbnation often, to see just what we’ve added here for your listening pleasure. Thanks, Farnell THIS JUST IN! This is in reference to a song I co-wrote with my good friend and Nashville Song Writer / Producer, Lonnie Ratliff called “San Antonio Heat”. Lonnie posted this in his June 2012 edition of his Nashville Newsletter. "May try to get a fiddle/mandolin session together in the next couple of weeks. My songwriter buddy Farnell Cole will be glad to hear I am finally finishing up our song demo". Lonnie

Our Songs Now Playing on Live 365 Nashville Nightlife Radio

My good friend and Record Producer Lonnie Ratliff (NashvilleShowcase@comcast.net) has placed a couple of the songs that Dave Younger and I have co-written together on the "Nashville Nightlife" Radio Station out of Nashville Tenn. Please stop by and take a listen, if you like Traditional Country Music, you will like what is being played here; Nashville Nightlife - Live 365 "Click" Link below to play http://www.live365.com/stations/nashvilleshowcase Playing Traditional Country Music Around The Clock ======================================= Now included on the current play list: Dave Younger & Farnell Cole - Friends with The Devil Dave Younger & Farnell Cole - At the Time

Been busy writing some new songs...

The songs "Friends with the Devil","Life's Highway", and (It Seemed Like a Good Idea) "At the Time", "It Ain't Right", "Empty Bottles", "Cold One", "The Miracle of Christmas", and "Common Ground" were all co-written by Dave Younger and I, and are now posted here for your enjoyment.

I'm also working on one with Lonnie Ratliff of Nashville fame. Lonnie and I are hoping to have "San Antonio Heat" finished as a demoin a few weeks. So stand by for more of my songs, as I continue to have a great time writing with my good friends.

"It Ain't Right" New song from co-writers Farnell Cole & Dave Younger

Dave and I just finished our latest demo of a new song called "It Ain't Right". Check it out here, and to hear many other great tunes go to Dave's site (shown here on this page) and give all of his songs a listen. Check back often as we will be adding new material throughout the next few months, in preperation of Dave's upcoming Nashville recording session, scheduled for later this year. I hope you enjoy our music.

It's Been a Real Pleasure To Work With Such Great Co-Writers

My good buddy, talented songwriter, and great musician Dave Younger posted the below blog about our current writing efforts. I'm mighty proud to be working with such professionals. "Dave is currently co-writing with Bill Hail from Oklahoma, Lonnie Ratliff of Nashville and Farnell Cole of Florida. Dave has also written with Bo Roberts". Dave Younger