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Paul Manousos / Blog

Basement Tour #4

Another week is upon us and I keep wondering how many times I can use this for my opening line to "The Basement Tour" blog! She up and left yesterday morning. I drove her to the airport early before dawn broke we made a run for the bridge. Not hesitating for the fact there may be another BART strike. For those who do not know BART is the commuter train in the San Francisco and surrounding bay areas. Cost to much, closes to early, and the bathrooms are always locked, but it will get you to the Oakland A's game on time! Everything is moving, everyone is leaving and I want to sing about it. The next installment is John Denvers "Leaving On A Jet Plane". The song was made a hit by Peter, Paul and Mary in 1969. I changed it up a bit. Thanks for listening.

Song Title: Leaving On A Jet Plane Songwriter: John Denver (1967) Warner Bros.

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Basement Tour #3

Pulled this one off by the skin of my teeth. Here is the third installment to find it's way into my heart via The Basement Tour. Somewhat of a request I guess from one of the most knowledgable DJs I know. Thank you maestro...

Song Title: It's All Right Artist: The Impressions Year: 1963 abc paramount records

A voice for a lifetime Mr. Curtis Mayfield. I love this song by the Impressions and would very much like to record and perform it with the East Bay Wrecking Crew. Down the line, down the line son. For now this is what came out. I tried some percussion and other instrumentation, but ended up with just voice and guitar. to learn more about The Impressions, Curtis Mayfield or Jerry Butler hit the links Below.

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Basement Tour #2

Title: Thirteen Artist: Alex Chilton 1972 Ardent Records

I've been in a blizzard for months trying to find my way into the hearts and minds of the masses. Take on the world and they will call you redundant, take on the universe they don't say a thing. Until you get around to actually doing it! Then the walls come down, oh Joshua come blow your horn. Gladly he says. Everyone aboard! This ships a sailing but before I go here is the second installment of "The Basement Tour". A beautiful song about young love written by one of my favorite New Orleans residents. Here is "Thirteen" by Alex Chilton. More Below....

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The Basement Tour #1

Title: Spirit In The Night Artist: Bruce Springsteen & The East Street Band 1973 Columbia Records

I have started my free collection of "The Basement Tour". Where I will be rumaging through my vinyl collection to find songs to record for anyone who wants them. At the bottom of the page you will find the music player. You can download the songs for free there. I started off with Bruce Springsteen's "Spirit In The Night". I hope I didn't put to much frosting on the cake with the vocal arrangement. Info on The Boss below.

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