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The Revolution and The Rise of New and Older Bands.

For far to long many who operate within the music industry have increasingly made it more difficult to be the original, than any point in history. The Revolution, "I call it", is many artist who live for what is music. Music has been censored and trends created by what controls Mainstream music. Because of this, many of what could be or would be are not heard. Many who are that John Lennon like, that Kurt Cobain type, that super star often do not see the success they should because of this system. In essence, this a way to control many, from hearing the many great truths in shades; and is "this not a defiling art when we think about it?". Many truths need to be heard and are not being heard because of the nature of politics and how tainted this nature has become. I could give many examples; "Would the examples be that of a debate?" Music is the conduit that can reach from here to there and in this Revolution Music again will be heard and not censored by those who deny not only the artist but human beings Freedom! My message held in this conduit called music will talk in depth about what has been hidden, what we should be aware of. This is not a game, music is a language it connects us all; and by no means will it ever be controlled! As we continue all of us in this great time; as it appears to many as an oppression age, "The Many will stand and the many will confound the ear that refuses to accept this great truth. As truth always finds its way through that of freedom. So let it be the great revolution now taking place and will continue and grow as it is in such a way not even one will be able to defeat This Revolution. I am currently working on many project that will light an wick to the invisible Reconstruction as we all who live for this music will prevail. The album will include only a few of what I have published here. It will be mastered in such a way with faith I will say this, "It will be a Revolution in it self; this is not of arrogance nor is it modest it is the Truth..".. Peace to all of the greats that set the stage for us all. For those who are alive now on Earth or have left this world some time ago. As they are like the founding fathers of what it is to be the harmony that music is. - Ronald Jackson A.K.A. Jack Baptist, DJ Insane Crazy Ace, which adds up to altar egos; meaning Altar Ego.