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Arsenio Oro / Blog

The Making of OldSchool 01

go watch it and don't forget to subscribe. Support free music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg4pJep2GJ4

Theory of Life Demos ready

This is a Rock album my friend and I started recording a long time ago. Ted Kellepourey will be the singer of this record. But, since he hasn't finish yet I decided to kind of give you a clue of what this is going to sound like. The only difference is that Ted's voice is much better than mine. He will do a much better job. I can't wait till this is really done.

Subscribe to my youtube

please if you want to support free music go to my channel and subscribe. I will be uploading new videos of guitar lessons, vblogs, music videos and what not. I haven't been active in YouTube cause I've been very busy taking care of my daughter. Now that she's a bit more grown up I will be able to upload a lot more frequent. Thank you for your time reading this.