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Joshua Westbrook / Blog

seeking band!

seeking a band. im 35, drummer of 32 years. professional since the year 2000. played with various big name bands. names to be mentioned in private. influences are far and wide from jazz, to rock. from classic rock to country. seeking a band thats working if possible but not opposed to joining a developing band. genre doesnt matter. i have recorded over 20 albums in my career, one of them is on syndicated airplay on Sirius/XM indie stations. highlight was recording a full length album at the legendary john keane studios in athens, ga (rem, b52's, indigo girls, atlanta rhythm section). band must be located within an hour of stockbridge, OR in athens (since im there every weekend anyway and possibly moving back depending on the band situation). im ready to play. pm me for details. you can also follow my website at www.joshuawestbrook.wordpress.com or my youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/drummerwestbrook

Mix & Match

i get a lot of questions through this site regarding my mix and match of equipment, particularly my cymbal selection. i have over 20 cymbals from various manufacturers. my go-to cymbal brand has always been paiste, but i also use zildjian and a sabian here and there. to me, brand is meaningless. its the sound. what sounds good to YOU, the individual. its your own mark on the music. if all cymbals sounded the same how boring would music be? when i buy cymbals i like to do the blind test. i will pick 3 cymbals in a lineup and never even look at them! i will look the other way and hit them. and study the sound. what am i looking for? my ears like bright, crystal sounding cymbals, kinda like shattering glass. some drummers like a dark cymbal. cool! its all personal preference. in any case, i will listen to them blindly. without ever knowing the brand, or model. sometimes what sounds amazing to me might be a sabian. it might be a top of the line paiste. but i am not swayed by the price tag, brand, or anything. the SOUND is what i am after. case in point, the most recent cymbal shopping experience, i went into the music store with my manager. she picked out 3 18″ crash cymbals. each was a different brand, and model (turns out one was a zildjian a-custom, one was a paiste signature, and one was a zildjian a-crash). i played them, without looking at them. i ended up going with the zildjian a-custom. it had a brighter tone, and when played felt ‘softer’ than the other ones. it was also about $150 cheaper. cost in no way affects the sound of the cymbals, your EARS do. its a placebo effect really. if a cymbal costs $500 you expect it to sound good. but sometimes the $100 cymbal kicks its ass!! (by the way my manager loved the money savings, haha!)

so why do i have paiste, and zildjian on my kit? it sounds good to ME. and thats all that matters. they record well and each cymbal has a unique voice. i have ALWAYS been against cymbal matching. you know, an entire set of say paiste signature’s all the way around the kit. from the hats, to the ride. it looks cool, sure. matching cymbals. and i have been known to do it on occasion for a music video. but when it comes to SOUND, not LOOKS, mix the stuff up. each cymbal speaks different, has a different sound all together. matching the same type will only change pitch as you go around the kit. throwing in a zildjian with all those paistes…..you will hear the zildjian stand out! thats what i LOVE!

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