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Friends, In anticipation of the release of our third CD “Rings Around The Sun” this fall, VWR’s Eric & John will be joining DJ Mike Lidskin on the air for the 600th episode of his radio show “Twirl” on June 29th! Not only will we be chatting about the ideas behind the new album title and songs, but Mike will be debuting TWO brand new VWR tunes: “Cool Things” (that’s right, our second released “Cool…” song of the last 6 months), and our title track “Rings Around The Sun”.

Since we’re saving the premiere of most of this album’s new tracks until the release date, this radio show will likely be the one chance you will have to hear these two songs before the CD comes out. SO – don’t miss it! Twirl Radio can be heard in Sacramento and via the internet at www.twirlradio.com and the show starts at 7pm EST, Saturday June 29th, with the interview segment usually starting around 7:20. And…..

SONG DEBUT CONTEST! To mark the occasion of our first 2013 track premieres, we’re having a listening contest, with a variety of VWR prizes to the first friends who answer correctly. All you have to do is tune in to Twirl on Saturday 6/29, listen to the new songs when they’re played, and properly answer some or all of the three questions below. Since we’re saving our discussion of the song “Rings Around The Sun” for the interview, this contest centers around the lyrics for the other song: “Cool Things.” Here’s the info….

In our new song “Cool Things”, our hero has decided to dispense of a number of old items that bring back memories, and the lyrics include a laundry list of mementos that are being packed away or otherwise thrown out. Listen closely, and answer or fill in the missing lyric in the lines below:

1. First line of the song says:

“I’ve got two napkins from our meal in Bethesda, and two ticket stubs from ___________________.”

Which band’s concert were these ticket stubs from?

2. Second verse: There’s some socks.

“….and the socks we bought that night in _________, its time to pack it up everything must go…” In what location were the socks purchased?

3. Anywhere else in the song: Name any other item mentioned that our character is gathering up to archive, recycle, or throw out.


ALL THREE CORRECT answers gets a copy of “Above The Blue” signed by all members of VWR, plus two VWR stickers, and a choice of the VWR “Vegas With Randolph” CD or “Above The Blue T-Shirt (size: large, only size left).

ONE OR TWO CORRECT answers gets a free download of our “Above The Blue” album (or our debut CD if you already have ATB) and two stickers.

Email your responses to this email address, or message them to “Vegas W Randolph” on Facebook. (Signed CDs and T-Shirts are in limited quantities, so those prizes will go to the first few who respond correctly, as supplies last).

See you all on June 29!

Dave, Dan, Eric, John, Brock

Vegas With Randolph

P.S. Incase you missed it before, one of the new songs to be debuted includes guest appearances by the amazing indie artists David Myrh,Andy Reed, Brandon Schott, & Wim Oudijk. For more info on this prior to the debut, see the video we made highlighting their contributions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnU2EvDCqWM

"Julianne", Toasts to Innocence, and more news

Hi everyone! We’ve just completed our latest track “Julianne” towards VWR’s CD #3. As a special way of saying thanks to our mailing list friends and a few select groups, we’re offering this as a FREE download through THIS WEEKEND ONLY! Grab it here for free while you can and share the link with friends: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/track/julianne INTERVIEWS We’re recently completed two excellent, in-depth radio interviews. For more details on what we’ve been up to lately, as well as insight into a number of VWR songs, take a listen to these: Interview with David McMahon of 40FootHole Studio radio: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/track/10-5-12-interview-on-40footholestudio-com-radio-with-david-mcmahon Interview with Bob Wilson (A Band called Mithras) on The Mithraem: http://www.mixcloud.com/Mithras/the-mithraeum-show-2-vegas-with-randolph/ NEW COMPILATIONS Two new VWR songs are currently available on 2012 compilation CD releases. Our song “Open Roads” was released this summer on the “PGR Presents: The Rock On The Road Tour Vol 3” CD which can be purchased here: http://jamrecordings.com/catalog.php?inventory_id=2472 and our song “Nikki’s Plan / Broadway” is on the latest “International Pop Overthrow Vol 15” collection which is available here: http://popgeek.highwire.com/product/va-international-pop-overthrow-vol-15-pre-order-shipping-last-week-of-july Grab these now before our cd comes out next year, they are chock full of indie rock and powerpop goodness. TRIBUTE CD In addition to the above, Vegas With Randolph has recently been invited to contribute a track towards the upcoming Tribute Album "Drink a Toast To Innocence: A Tribute To The Monsters of Lite Rock" which will be released in early 2013. In addition to VWR, the compilation includes a host of modern rock and powerpop artists covering late 70s/early 80s "lite rock" classics including Mike Viola, David Myhr, Throwback Suburbia, Linus of Hollywood, An American Underdog, Bleu McAuley, Eytan Mirsky, Brandon Schott and more. For more on this very cool upcoming collection, give them a FB “like” here: https://www.facebook.com/DrinkAToastToInnocence VIDEOS For any who may have missed it, we released a new video “Supergirl” over the summer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdEAf_wm0Tg ) as well as a recent view of outtakes from the shoot (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qn8s4IgbR_o&feature=relmfu ). WEBSITE BLOG We are making an attempt to keep out website blog more updated these days. Check-in whenever you’d like to read about our latest activities and releases and to see very photos and whatnot as we continue in our efforts to knock out a third CD. Link here: http://www.vegaswithrandolph.com/vwrblog.html NEW STICKERS VWR now has some new stickers, courtesy of the design greatness of Nancy Harty – if anyone on our mailing list would like one, just respond to this email with your address and we’ll send a couple over! Thanks as always for your interest in Vegas With Randolph! John, Dave, Dan, Brock & Eric http://www.vegaswithrandolph.com

"Supergirl" video and Summer Releases!

Hi friends of Vegas With Randolph, SUPERGIRL VIDEO A few months back we ran a Facebook poll asking which song’s video we should make next, and the results came back overwhelmingly "Supergirl". We’re happy to say that we’ve jut completed it and we want you all to take a look. It features our friend Amanda Rogers (a Washington Capitals cheerleader, among her many super talents), a red convertible, and the beautiful George Washington Parkway alongside the Potomac River. We hope you like it, (and if you do, please post it and share it with some friends!) Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdEAf_wm0Tg NEW SONG Recording is underway for the third VWR CD, and a few of the first tracks are available for listenings. Following up on "Open Roads" this spring, we’ve just released a new track "Nikki’s Plan/Broadway". Both of these songs can be heard using links off of: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/above-the-blue. More on these songs below…. SUMMER RELEASES Vegas With Randolph will be featured on THREE new compilation CD’s this summer. To be released in July, the fifteenth installment of the long running International Pop Overthrow (IPO) compilation CD series (which includes some of the best powerpop artists globally) will include our song "Nikki’s Plan / Broadway". For more info, and to pre-order IPO15, go here : http://popgeek.highwire.com/product/va-international-pop-overthrow-vol-15-pre-order-shipping-last-week-of-july Available in August is the third season of Pop Garden Radio’s collection of compilation CD’s "The Rock on The Road Tour", and we’re honored to have our song "Open Roads" kick off this new collection as track #1 ! For more info on this release, see www.popgardenradio.com. Finally, (more locally for us) The Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) along with House Studio DC has just put together a compilation CD of all the artists who received 2012 Wammie Award Nominations, and we are honored to have "The Better Part" included on this one as well. That’s it for now, hope you enjoy and pass-on the SUPERGIRL video, and try to stay cool out there ! Cheers, John, Eric, Dave, Dan, Brock Vegas With Randolph www.vegaswithrandolph.com

VWR Updates: Compilations, Videos and Writing CD#3!

Hi everyone! As our CD#3 writing & recording work progresses, lots has been going on in VWR land: a new audible voice upstairs at Versailles West Studios named “Rocky”, an Oyster knife through the palm of John’s left hand (temporarily slowing recording this month), and strange facial hair now hanging beneath the nose of Dave “Jurasic” Purol! COMPILATIONS COMING! But if that alone isn’t exciting enough, we’ve recently completed our second track towards CD #3 called “Open Roads”. Open Roads will be released this summer as TRACK 1 on the 2012 compilation CD “Pop Garden Radio presents: The Rock on the Road Tour, Season 3”. We’ll let you know as soon as that is available, and in the meantime, you can take a sneak-peek listen here!: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/open-roads-single In addition to that, we have a second new track coming out this summer on the 2012 “International Pop Overthrow” (IPO) compilation CD!! It’s an upbeat tune called “Nikki’s Plan” that the band is currently recording right now. More on this soon. Finally, a third compilation featuring VWR music will be released this summer by House Studio DC. This CD is produced in conjunction with the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) and features music by WAMA’s 2012 Wammie Award Nominees! More on this soon as well. VIDEOS COMING! A few months ago we ran an online poll asking which track should be our next Video. The response came back overwhelmingly “Supergirl”. We’re happy to say that logistics are underway and “Supergirl” video shoot dates have now been lined up for the end of this month and early May. We hope to roll out the new video sometime in late May or so! (If you don’t know our song “Supergirl, see the link to our ATB CD below). In addition, a video to our upcoming song “Nikki’s Plan” is being, well…. planned, and we are looking to start this sometime this summer as well. To see previous VWR videos, see http://www.vegaswithrandolph.com/vwrvideos.html ABOVE THE BLUE CD If you still don’t have our latest CD “Above The Blue” yet, please go here and take a listen to it. You just might find something here you like: http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/above-the-blue BLOG We have some website improvements planned for the upcoming month, and a few additions have been made recently. One of them is a quick VWR blog, to you all fill your 24/7 VWR status needs – It’s just getting started but we’ll see what we can do to keep this updated every few weeks. Take a look…http://www.vegaswithrandolph.com/vwrblog.html Thanks to all of you for your interest and support, we appreciate it!! John, Eric, Dan, Dave, Brock VEGAS WITH RANDOLPH

Latest News (and $5 CD's unitil 12/25!)

We’re in the spirit of the season – our song “Lagavulin for Christmas” has recently been released on a Holiday compilation in the DC area, we’ve continued to be blessed with kind CD reviews such as this recent one ( http://powerpop.blogspot.com/2011/11/review-vegas-with-randolph-above-blue.html ), and we are generally filled with good cheer. So we thought we’d pass a little along your way with a chance to pick up some VWR stuff easier than ever this month, with our…. STOCKING STUFFER SPECIAL - $5 CD’s! · To help you put a little VWR into the hands of all your loved ones this year, between now and 12/25 both of our CD's (including our newest “Above The Blue”) are temporarily available for just $5, and our T-Shirt's are only $10 (on this bandcamp link only). There’s also further savings if you get a “double play” or “triple play” package. So let us help you minimize your shopping needs this season! ;) Here’s the link: 2http://vegaswithrandolph.bandcamp.com/album/above-the-blue WHAT ELSE IS UP · The band has been busy recording a new “seasonal” single which we should be releasing sometime next month. Also in the works are a couple of new music videos from the ATB CD, including the highly requested “Supergirl” as well as “Some Time To Live”. Look for those in the next few months! And we’ve been busy writing songs and lining up tracks for a third CD, which will undoubtedly occupy much of our time in 2012. · · HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL! · We’d like to thank all our friends and fans for all of your amazing support over 2011! It’s been a very cool year and we look forward to sharing lots more music with you all in 2012. Peace on earth, VWR

VWR's New CD "Above The Blue" will eb out July 31! For latest info...

For latest info on our upcoming CD release, go below on FB and click "attend". We'll keep you posted with locations to buy the CDa s well as upcoming interviews, radio shows, and live performances! https://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=193966630655886

VWR's New CD "Above The Blue" will be out in July!

In the meantime, check out our free download on this site, and at bandcamp.com, or our debut CD available on CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes etc.

VWR News

Friday, June 18, 2010 New Single "Above The Blue" Our newest song "Above The Blue" debuts this weekend on at least 3 radio stations: - Snap, Crackle POP! on Friday - Pop Garden Radio on Saturday night after 8pm (www.popgardenradio.com) - ShockPop on Sunday (noon-2pm) www.scrubradio.com On Sunday, Above The Blue will be available on CDBaby, iTunes, etc. as well as for free download (temporarily) on www.reverbnation.com/vegaswithrandolph We are currently working on four more new songs which we'll be rolling out over the next few months. So, hope you enjoy this one, and stay tuned! VWR Monday, May 10, 2010 New Single "Some Time To Live" out on May 15th! Ever feel like you don't have enough time to do all the things you'd really like to? VWR's upbeat new single "Some Time To Live" is all about that, and will premier on the special 5th Anniversary show of Pop Garden Radio on Saturday, May 15th. The show starts at 8pm and also will feature other premiers and giveaway - tune in online or on Florida's WMEL and listen at: http://www.popgardenradio.com/Pop Garden Radio In the meantime, download our songs "Marisa", "The Better Part", and "Lagavulin for Christmas". Two of these will come down once "Some Time to Live" is posted. FREE MP3 DOWNLOADS at: www.reverbnation.com/vegaswithrandolph Monday, April 05, 2010 FREE MP3's of VWR's Two Newest Songs! VWR's FREE MP3 Program: As Vegas With Randolph is finishing up tracking and starting to mix the 2nd CD, we'll be putting up promotional MP3's of the two newest tracks for our friends and fans to download completely FREE! Newly posted tracks will be announced on MySpace and Facebook. As each new FREE track is added, one will be taken off, so if you time it right you may be able to download most of, or the entire, new CD for free before it is formally released! To kickoff the program, currently the following THREE FREE downloads are available: "Marisa", "The Better Part", and "Lagavulin for Christmas" Click below, and then look for the "download" link under each song: Free MP3's of Latest VWR Singles! Hope you enjoy, and spread the word! VWR Saturday, February 13, 2010 "Marisa" video now out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg4hoQO-sDU Our latest single "Marisa" from the new EP "Side Trip". Special thanks to Elizabeth Bonasso, Michael Kump, Mary Catherine Ratts, and of course Ms. Tomei for the inspiration.. We hope you like. VWR Monday, January 04, 2010 VWR's debut on several "Top 100 CD's of 2009" lists! Our debut CD has recently been listed among the Top 100 CD's of 2009 by several reviewers, including Absolute Powerpop (#88), Powerpop Station (#39) and "Powerpop Action"(#44). VWR is psyched to be listed amongst cool new releases by Fastball, Wilco, Cheap Trick, The Tomorrows, Matthew Sweet, Springsteen, & many other excellent artists. Top 100 CD's of 2009 - Absolute Powerpop Powerpop Action - Top CD's of 2009 Power Pop Station - Top 100 CD's of 2009 Friday, December 18, 2009 "Modern Rock Recording of the Year" nomination by WAMA! VWR is very honored to again have been nominated by the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) for two Wammie Awards: the 2009 "Modern Rock Recording of the Year" for our debut album, and in the "Children's Music" category for our fun little kid's ditty "The Sippy Cup Song". VWR is grateful to all members who nominated us, and pleased to be among such good company in both categories. Thank You, and congrats to all the other nominees as well!