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Jesse De La O / Blog

Owen McKinley - drummer

Just received my 2nd track from Owen. This dude is professional all the way around. While he enjoys Hard Rock/Metal, the boy will tear up some R&R!!

"Run..." hit #1

Hi, "Run for My Life" made it to #1 Saturday at Soundclick. I praise God and pray He would bless all who have supported my efforts.

The Arrow

Decided to put up another psycho video enjoy. Need a message? How straight is your arrow? What does it look like? Does it suit the purpose?

Today a Star, Tomorrow?

The fourth of testing out my art software. Story behind the video, consider that everything we touch turns bad. If we touched a star, how and why would we change it? Why do we treat each other like that?

Tales of an Electric Noodle

The 3rd in a series of trying to figure out some art software.

Bearly Sane

The second in showing off my artwork. Music message: Do your actions prove your sanity?


Your surroundings are trying to crush you. Voices in your head demand control. The video is just me learning my new software. I'll have a new video up each week for the next 4 weeks. Enjoy!

Tripping on Life - The DVD

Howdy and welcome. I just released my first DVD. It's my vision of how I see myself and the world. You might find yourself in the images if you look deep enough. The music is Psychedelic, Jazz, Progressive, Noise, Trance, and some rather mellow. What ever label you place, I just pray you'll give it an even shot. There's a message of life if your looking. There's a vision of my mental instability :) Mom says I've taken too many trips. (Truth is, she dropped me as a child too often :) Anyway, just enjoy it!!

"Run For My Life"

Hi Folks, new video up.

"Run For My Life"

has reached #47 on the Rock charts today, and has been #3 for the 2nd day on the Christian Charts at Soundclick. Thank you everbody!