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A Song has Two Parts

The first part of a song is called, the statement and the second part of the song is called, the variation. Many new musicians learn how to play the statement very easily, but then the variation requires a little higher level of skill. The variation is the part of the song that gives the listener the most satisfaction. Some musicians will alter the pattern of the statement and the variations for a pleasant sound.

Mountain Dulcimer- Info

The Mountain Dulcimer has the two standard shapes, which are the "Standard Tear Drop," which you see me playing, back in the day, then, and now. The ones in the photos are called "The Hour Glass" style. To obtain the continuous ringing sound, you slide the wooden stick through the frets and use a guitar style pick.

Amateur vs Professional

I am an amateur musician. The difference between an amateur and a professional are a amateur does not receive money for his work and a professional receives money. I have only received money as an educator and a security officer, not as a musician or a martial artist.

Dulcimer Music

It sounds like the Civil War era so much, that you are immediately transported back to that time period, when you listen to the sweet sound of dulcimer music.