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Top Five Local Bands in Charlotte

Just wanted to share this CBS Charlotte article that put our band in the top five local bands in the Charlotte area. Very cool honor! http://charlotte.cbslocal.com/top-lists/best-local-rock-bands-in-charlotte-2/

The Examiner-Guns and Hoses Event

"Jerry’s Bones puts on a great performance at the 4th annual Guns & Hoses event" By: Doug Ebert, The Examiner, Dec. 7th 2012 ---

Jerry’s Bones wowed the crowd at Statesville’s, 4th Annual Guns & Hoses event with a very entertaining pre-game performance. The Guns & Hoses event is a charitable football game between Statesville’s Police and Fire Departments—a fundraiser for the primary means of raising money for The Dove House Children’s Advocacy Center. Several donors, such as Lowe’s, McDonald's, and many others, helped sponsor—what turned out to be—a very entertaining event. The opening performance by Jerry’s Bones, combined with the tireless efforts amongst the sponsors and Statesville’s community, made this year’s event a major success.

Jerry’s Bones’ did a great job re-mastering many recognizable, classic hits, combined with a few of their own originals—a perfect mix of entertainment for the crowd, at hand. As their performance came to a wind-down, the colors were raised for the pre-game commencements, and the game-ball was surprisingly delivered by The Special Forces Association Parachute Team—very exciting and patriotic! The game between Statesville’s finest and their fire department was very exciting and competitive—so exciting—that it went into triple overtime! The Guns went on to win their 3rd consecutive game, with a 26 to 20 victory over the Hoses—definitely a great game, to the last down..! In the end, however, both teams are winners, as their efforts—supported by the sponsors and community—will benefit the Children at The Dove House. http://www.examiner.com/review/jerry-s-bones-puts-on-a-great-performance-at-the-4th-annual-guns-hoses-event

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