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Karen the LairMistress / Blog

Do You See the Beam of Lamplight: On "Lost Songs"

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had this happen; but I've lost the lyrics, and in some cases, the tunes, to several of my early songs. Back in college, I wrote several songs the lyrics of which I've lost, including one I wrote for my Mom when she was going through some rough emotional stresses: "Song of the Lightbeam." The only part of this I remember was the first line of the chorus: "Do you see the beam of lamplight, as it streaks in through the pane?" Sadly, there are a few others that went the same way, including "Never You Mind", "Small Wonder, I Say", "For Heaven's Sake", and a few others. Kind of sad, really, even though they weren't all incredibly marvelous songs (I was still sort of in the songwriting learning process at that time). But who knows; one of these days, I might just run into them hidden away in an old college notebook somewhere. There are some other songs for which I wrote the lyrics, but never quite got around to composing (or completing) a melody for them. Fortunately, I've got those typed up in a collection and preserved for songwriting posterity (unless my apartment burns down), just in case a tune comes flashing into my head. I guess they'll just be poems of a sort until then. Meanwhile, right now, I'm working on a couple of brand-new songs simultaneously, including one called "All Your Work to Naught Must Come", my latest contribution to pissing off the Religious Right. I don't know how it happened, but I actually completed four verses just yesterday, and the tune already exists, at least in my head! I must be on a roll, or something. Now, if I can just complete at least one final verse for the other song, "Half a Chance", set to the traditional Irish tune of the song "Snowy-Breasted Pearl." It's been a while since I finished any songwriting; but when I do, I always feel like I wasn't the only one working on the project...

Here in 2014...

Okay, I started off the new year by accidentally opening a new "band member profile" for myself! How do I delete that one? Just one of the many things about this system that I find confusing--probably because I don't spend enough time here.

Among other happenings, I've got a new laptop at long last; and now am busy uploading my old song and photo collections, together with music and photo editing software in compatibility mode. In addition, I'm in the market for portable recording devices (think Zzounds H-4 Zoom) that are better in sound quality than the average digital audio recorder. Overall, I just need to make more money with my online businesses (for example, see The LithicLair: http://www.cafepress.com/lithiclair ). I've also been neglecting a lot of my online activities (including this one), and need to do more musical networking. But first of all...how do I get rid of this new profile I accidentally spawned without meaning to?? I don't need TWO ReverbNation profiles!!

Okay, I Finally Did It...a Crowdfunding Campaign!

Well, the very idea of crowdfunding for a recording project scares the bejeebers out of me; but I finally got sick of being stuck in a rut, with no funds for recording. So, here is a link to my brand-new Gofundme campaign for the new CD: http://www.gofundme.com/1xbp40 . Hope I'm allowed to post this here! So far, no massive donations; but what the heck, I just put the thing out there yesterday! So, if you like the uploads I've got here so far, and would like to see them released with full instrumentation, check out the campaign at the link above, and see if you can toss a buck or two into this online guitar case. Thanks in advance, everyone! :)

Merch Shop for LairMistress

Okay, so I started creating a new merch store at this profile. But I actually have a fairly extensive merch shop at Cafepress, at this link: http://www.cafepress.com/laircraft/6812102 . I've also got original-design stickers and other paper paraphernalia at another Cafepress shop, known as The Lair of Cards: http://www.cafepress.com/cardlair . They've come out pretty nice, if I may say so myself. Now, if I can figure out where else one might upload mp3 files...