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New bassist!

We now have a new bassist joining our Lost ranks - James Stephens - who we auditioned last week. James is rehearsing with us, getting ready for our next gig on the 12th of November. We'll try and post some pictures of the next rehearsal so you can see the new face! Wonder if he'll be prepared to wear eyeliner on stage?!!!!!

New video and studio deja vu

The 'Everything' music video has now been posted online. Hope you're all enjoying it and a big thank you to its maker - Pete Allen. If you haven't seen it yet visit the official video channel at www.youtube.com/eleanoreandthelost

I've been back in the studio with my producer Adam over the last two weeks working on the commissioned song I've written. Firstly, we recorded the Holywell String Quartet who once again played beautifully. It's amazing to hear the string parts I've written suddenly come to life!

After that it was time to work on the song and get it sounding more polished - it was a definite case of deja vu being in the studio again!

It's not quite finished but shouldn't take much longer. Then there's the artwork and other associated fun stuff to think about...

Eleanore and the Lost - gigs & new videos

Haven't blogged for a little while so got lots to tell, the biggest difference being that I'm now 'Eleanore and the Lost' instead of just Eleanore on her own!

We've been getting some gigs under our belt and I'm getting to know my band in the process and discovering they're great! Lots of fun times ahead, methinks, plus the guys are adding a whole new dimension to my songs and making their mark on them each time we play. We're going to be playing a new arrangement of a very well known song for the first time at our gig at Cranleigh Arts Centre this Friday (www.cranleighartscentre.org). Remember to keep checking the gig listings!

Have a look at our Youtube channel www.youtube.com/eleanoreandthelost where as well as my official music videos, you can also find some covers I've been recording on my camcorder. I may even take requests! Plus, I'm very excited as I've now got the official 'Everything' music video which will be unveiled shortly.

More exciting news on its way soon!

A radio interview & a new band!

Things have been very busy in the world of Eleanore over the past few weeks! Last weekend I went to Brooklands Radio for a 2 hour interview on Surrey Unsigned with David Durant. It was great fun, I got to listen to and talk about 12 songs that I felt had influenced my music and also perform some tracks from my album. I even got to read the weather report! Thank you to everyone who emailed in to the studio, it's strange when you can't see the audience you're performing and talking to! Last week I held auditions for a new band and now have some great new musicians to play for me! I can't wait for everyone to hear us all together as I'm sure you'll agree that they're a talented bunch! We've already started rehearsing as we've got a gig in Stocklund Square in Cranleigh on the 20th November and will continue rehearsing in preparation for lots more gigs next year. I'm really excited at how it's sounding!

Videos and gigs and more gigs

I hope everyone's enjoying the Hidden Wings video that's now up on YouTube. I'm a rather proud video parent as I shot, produced, directed, edited etc etc the whole thing myself so sorry if I sound a bit full of it! (I'll stop going on about it eventually, I promise) Anyway, it features lots of the people that were involved in making the album, the launch, the Parlour Game video and so on but there are lots of other lovely people who aren't in it who have helped, are helping or about to start helping (!) so I hope they know they're all appreciated! If you haven't seen it yet, watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95FyWaHYUsM

It's also definitely worth checking all my gig listings on my website and networking sites (and to keep checking) as I'll be popping up all over the place! The first one on the list is The Half Moon in Putney on Tuesday 12th October at 8pm so be there or be square!

Hmm, lots of stuff going on...

Gig booking is under way around the Surrey, Sussex and London area and once dates are confirmed I'll let you all know where you can next catch me live! Going round and round in my head are song ideas. Over the past few months lyrics, bits of melodies and instrumental riffs have been popping in to say ‘hello’ and although I've recorded all of them on to what is basically my musical notebook, I haven't yet done anything with them. Two songs keep coming back to me which tells me that I need to pay attention to them. I've also been listening to a few new artists and always find that inspiring. There are so many areas that the songs on my album are already leading in to, kind of extending from where I’ve got to and maybe other musical ideas I can draw in. I’d better sit down at my computer pretty soon and start playing in some parts!


Performed 6 tracks from my album at Guilfest on Sunday evening (18th July). The weather kindly stayed lovely all day and evening and I performed my more upbeat songs to go with the festival atmosphere.

I had a slightly different band line up this time round with Joe Yoshida on drums and Adam Pain (who's also my producer!) on bass and it was great working with everyone.

Several familiar faces turned up to watch me so thank you to my wonderful fans and helpers who also did various jobs like handing out fliers and generally spreading the word!

I got some great feedback from listeners including some other artists and then got to enjoy the rest of the festival and finally get something to eat!

I'm still feeling pretty tired from a busy past few weeks but have got a whole host of other stuff to keep me occupied like planning my next music video.

Keep checking my website for the latest news and follow me on Reverbnation, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace...

Harmonies, harmonies, and more harmonies

Still doing the guide tracks of all the harmonies for my backing singers to practice to. I just discovered a harmony I'd forgotten was in one of my songs! Lucky I heard it! I've done 3 songs so far - only about 7 more to go... I've not really got much else done today but I've been thinking through some of my music videos and what kind of shots would be good. Had some ideas which could look really good. I've got a pretty good idea of what I'm wearing for the 'Parlour Game' video and I know what I'd quite like to wear for the 'Everything' video but I'm not sure I have what I need in my vast wardrobe (!) and don't really want to spend any money when I've got so many other things I need to spend it on. Hmmm...

Video and launch thoughts

This weekend, I went to the place I want to film my music video in and took loads of pictures which I'll be sending to my video team today. Walking round I could see so many possible shots. If I get the go ahead to film there it'll be really perfect and I'll be really excited!

I'm slowly getting a team together of people who'll decorate the 300 masks for my album launch. Need to come up with some designs. Need to come up with some quick and easy designs!

This weekend I'll be going to the launch venue and working out the staging and layout that I'll need on the night for my band etc. Considering I'll have a band with backing singers and a string quartet I may need a big stage...also really need masses of fairy lights. Hmmm....

'To do' list...

I have started writing a 'to do' list. It always creates a feeling of at least some control over the situation! What I now have to do is wade my way through it gradually over the coming weeks. Of course as I do one thing I'll have to add something new that crops up. Some of the things on my list include planning the album launch, sorting out merchandise to sell at the launch and on my website, mocking up ideas for my album cover and video concepts and more work on my website. And so it goes on...!