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Long Strange Day / Blog

LSD Blog - Rock Date 2-25-2014

After all this time, the wheels are finally starting to gain momentum on the mother ship! Long Strange Day has been working vigorously over the last half a year plus, since last we posted a blog entry to get our recording done as well as replacing that empty place in our hearts, otherwise known as our keyboardist Sam. We are happy to report that there has been progress and developments on both fronts! Let's begin with the album. If you recall, we were just about done with the tracking back when we last reported to you. The tracking is now long behind us and we've been in the mixing stage. That has been going slower than expected due to our perfectionist engineer never being happy with anything, but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Of the 13 tracks going on the album, about a quarter of them are ready for mastering.

Now on to the question of replacing Sam.... It has been a long wait, and admittedly we were at the point of throwing in the towel. We talked to many guitarists to no avail. Any available keyboardists in this area were already committed to a project or two or three. But we can tell you that as of late we have found a new creative spring and music has been flowing throughout the LSD compound again!

OK Trippers, We'll try harder to keep this Blog updated but until next time, stay safe and happy, and remember to share your LSD with all of your friends and family. oh yeah..... Rock on Trippers!

LSD Blog - Rock Date 5-20-2013

Well it has been a while since Our very first blog entry. Sorry 'bout that! Anyway, Allot has been happening over the last few months. We said goodbye to our friend and keyboardist, Sam Kowalczyk. He went and joined the Navy, but we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

We have been talking to keyboardists and guitarists over the last half a year or so and we feel like we are getting close to, not only filling the void left by Sam but also adding the second guitar that we've been looking for for quite some time. We are looking at a real short list at this point.

We have been working hard at getting the tracking stage of our new album behind us. We are literally days away from finishing up the last of the tracks. The next step will be to get it all mixed and sent off for mastering. Hopefully that won't take to long.

Well Trippers, That about raps up our latest entry into the LSD blog. Stay safe and happy and remember to share your LSD with all of your friends and family and till next time.....

Rock on Trippers!

LSD Blog, Rock Date 1-11-2013

Greetings Trippers! This is the first of hopefully many blog entries to come from LSD central. We unfortunately had not continued the original LSD Blog which was found on MySpace. We had to let our MySpace page go after the mass exodus that our fans made to Facebook. We just want to welcome our friends and fans out there in Tripper Nation, to the new LSD blog.

So let's get caught up with the latest LSD happenings.

We have been working hard over the last 2 years to get our first full length album out to our fans. It has been a long slow road but we are finally nearing the end. We plan on celebrating with a CD release party and we hope to see all of Tripper Nation there. We will release the date and location as soon as we have it set up. There will be merchandise (including the new album), good music and plenty of give-a-ways.

Well Trippers, That about raps up our first entry into the new LSD blog. Stay safe and happy and remember to share your LSD with all of your friends and family.

Rock on Trippers!