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Rawboss / Blog

We $hare Crowd Funding / 2015 Project Releases

Hip-Hop Artist Rawboss First and foremost, I want to individually thank you for taking the time to hear me out. I am an unsigned hip-hop artist who does everything himself up to this point. I market, promote, advertise, produce, and put in the blood, sweat & tears all alone. Not because I'm a selfish person, but because these days...everybody raps and that's destroyed teammanship. So to speak. I want to let you know that I am as dedicated as they come. On my own I have managed to rise to the #2 Hip-Hop Artist Worldwide on Reverbnation (Home of over 3 Million Artists). I recently had my 1st ever music video done "Pieces (ft. Jael Johnson)", and it has received 2 Silver A&R Awards from Beat100. I have it on my very own VEVO channel (Rawboss VEVO) along with my YouTube Channel (The Official Rawboss). It has debuted on Indi Music TV's Top 21 Countdown at #11 (February 24, 2015), and will be on National Television through 3 TV Shows (TalentWatchTV, Poze TV, & The Chubb Show). I will be paying out of my own pocket to submit the video to MTV within the next week with hopes that Viacom accepts it. The music video is from a single on my album "Rawbaghdad : Dictator of the Nation", which I plan on releasing this spring. Hopefully in March. The video can be viewed here http://youtu.be/2_5ozT8Q_xE. My music is on several online radio stations across the world. XRP Radio, The Quinn Spinn, KSXR XSite Radio Los Angeles, 106.3 Mobile Radio and more. I speak with the host of most of these shows and they help me develop as an artist. I've reached out to so many like minded artist and have featured them to be on my album. You really have to potential to contribute to a great project that has had so much time invested into it. I'm a registered member of BMI and have my songs registered with them. I ilke to do my homework. The things I am saving up for that I will need your help in include : FM Radio Play Campaign ($500) 1200 stations worldwide, 1,000 CD's professionally pressed with 4pg Booklet Inserts $1,000, 25 Project Reviews $500, Marketing through Global Status Music Group $45, 2 Digital Releases + 2 Lifetime Barcodes $100, 2 Music Videos $525 & Custom Clothing $500. This is where you come in. I am really self-investing all I can and at this rate I will not be able to release my EP & Album until the end of the year. I have a job, but it does not pay me enough to invest the way I know can get real results. I am not declaring myself a know it all. I have studied my profession deep enough and developed the connections over a 5 year period to know who to do business with to get heard. Countless people have told me to keep doing what I am doing. Music is my life and more than anything I want to tour the world bringing hope to everyone. I want to be an inspiration to others and get people on the right track. If you need to hear some of my music to be convinced, feel free to go to my website www.officialrawboss.com. Trust me when I say I do not forget where I come from. I plan on keeping my word and making real hip-hop music to restore it where it once was as a respected culture. I hope you can understand me. Thank you for your time & I hope for any contribution Hip-Hop Artist Rawboss Christopher L. Ford If you have any further questions, or simply want to chat my email is rawbigad@gmail.com

Rawboss on Indi Music TV 02/24/2015

Hip-Hop Artist Rawboss will be a part of Indi Music TV and the Top 21 Countdown show February 24th. This is awesome. Make sure you are tuned in. Congratulations,I am happy to inform you that you have made this months IndiMusic TV Top 21 Countdown. The Premier date of the new episode is Tuesday 2/24/15 at 10 PM EST. It will be airing at www.indimusic.tv as well as on our free ROKU channel "IndiMusic TV" available in the channel store. Please promote as you see fit, including social media sties. After the episode airs, the Top 21 list on our website's homepage will be changed to reflect the current positions. The episode will also be available on demand on the "shows" page on our site one week after original air date, and will run in regular rotation for the month including Mondays at 8PM, Tuesdays at 10PM EST, and Wednesdays at 8PM. Please check the list below to see which one of your artists/videos made our countdown. (Please Note: This list is in no particular order) Once again, Congratulations! Alexei Kingston Blue Allie Harte No More Annika Where I'm Dreaming Of Avenue Of The Giants Burn Blake Lewis Retro Romance Christina Custode Light Of Day Danger Scene Where I Want To Be Denny Strickland Swerve On Here's To You Runaway Justina Let The Birds Fly Kentish Fire In Our Band Leah Laurenti Stay With Me Liza Fox Dynamite Loren Smith Break Free Mickey Cupid Oh You Mr. Moonshine Comfort Me With Absinthe Rawboss ft. Jael Johnson Pieces The Blind Spots Hey Boy Tom Glynn Band Just Say When Tritonal Anchor Why Not Be Kings Magic

First Dedicated Real Music Xchange (FDRMX) Music Video Review

Rawboss speaks the truth in this gut-wrenching music video for “Pieces.” “It is what it is… Life can get the best of you at times, so you gotta take hold of it” are the first words we hear in the video. Jael Johnson delivers solid vocals as she sings “the pieces are falling down.” The color grading of the video gives off a cold and raw feeling. It’s a dark day in Texas, and Rawness begins to rap about issues that we can all relate to: a bleak future, life’s surprises, and the need to change things for the better. There is so much honesty in his lyrics, especially when he raps, “And I’m not doin’ well / I’m going through a spell / I’m not talkin’ witchcraft / I’m talkin’ more like hell.” Rawboss’ talent is both refreshing and pure. While there is so much greed in the world and desire to become filthy rich, the rapper finds that his music and music in general is what life and love are all about. In the end, one just has to let life lead itself. While you take hold of it, prepare for the worst because if you don’t, you won’t be able to get back up. It’s a well-executed video that conveys the message loud and clear not only to the ears, but to the heart and soul. Music – GeniusBoy Director – Superior Dave of Xclusiv Media™ From the LP Rawbaghdad: Dictator of the Nation Single Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody & more All Rights Are Reserved 2015 See for yourself at http://www.fdrmx.com

Help Me Reach 14 Million Viewers

Help my music video Pieces (ft. Jael Johnson Music) Reach 14 Million viewers [Dish Network] etc by Voting & Rating my music video & personal video here at my profile on TalentWatch. I'm only asking for a few minutes of your time. You are only required to view, vote, comment once & you've done your part in contributing to my success. I really appreciate those of you who take the time out of you schedule to support what I do. It means a lot to me. Wish me luck, and don't forget to go to my profile and RATE my videos. https://www.talentwatch.net/artist/profile/rawboss

Only On Reverbnation

As a thank you for helping me rise to the top in Hip-Hop locally, nationally, and globally I am offering all of my music here on Reverbnation for FREE. That's right. 100% FREE. I only ask that you be a member of my mailing list to get the music you love. Fair enough??? Most of my music is still available on iTunes for $0.99, just know that for being a loyal fan you have most of those same singles available for FREE now, here on Reverbnation & Reverbnation only. I luv y'all. #YeahMane http://www.officialrawboss.com

Done with my Mixtape Finally

It's available on datpiff http://www.datpiff.com/Rawboss-Theatrical-Puppets-mixtape.674900.html I'm going to let the mixtape do the talking. I'm working on the EP "Borrow My Eyes" now. The mixtape is my FREE GIFT to each and everyone of you. ENJOY #YeahMane -Rawboss

Rawboss breaking Radio Waves

I made my radio debut on XRP Radio in the UK Hosted by Tizz and I need you all to stop by http://www.xrpradio.co.uk/charts and VOTE for me. You can do so by scrolling to the very bottom until you see a big yellow toolbar and enter this exactly " Rawboss'-' and it will confirm your vote. You may vote for me ONCE per Week. Be sure to request my music to Tizz before you decide to leave. The shows are live and on the HOME PAGE there is a LIVE chat room and in there you just request to hear Rawboss. Thank you for your time.

Sign My Petition to Help End Employment Discrimination

Don't Ignore #DISCRIMINATION. Everyone deserves the right to a good job. #ButWereEqual Sign my petition. Your signature is all the support I need. Felons should not be instantly counted out when it comes to getting a good job. We are human too. We deserve a chance. Upon leaving prison, we were taught by Officers and Gov't programs that they would help re-integrate us into society. Since my release I have come to understand why Felons end up back in prison. Life for Felons is harder than you could ever imagine, and I left high school as a National Scholar nominated to attend the White House for a week and meet every member of our government. Not once did I think I would become a felon upon graduation from High School. Let's help put an end to Employment Discrimination. Help my cause, because my cause is someone else's cause and it may be your cause. Discrimination has no COLOR. Sign my petition is all I ask. Any extra support is and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, Felon-Christopher Ford aka Rawboss Enter the link below to view my petition. http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/fight-felony-discrimination

2014 is a big year

The album "RAWBAGHDAD : Dictator of the Nation" is arriving soon. Featuring the Smash Hits "King of da Parkin' Lot" & "Bump Dat". It will be available online and so forth.

How long will you ignore HTURT-TRUTH

Ignoring the young mind of a growing individual once blameless in ignorance now able to understand as one does the moment words flow from the lips of another is looked at as a rock at the very bottom of an ocean, unseen-unwanted-unsought-to all, yet to none just something co-existing by an unwanted force of another's greed and desire to live without hearing a word flow from the young mind of a growing individual once blameless in ignorance now able to understand.-Christopher L. Ford (2011) How often do we seek help in our lives and when it is presented to us in an unwanted fashion do we turn away from it as it there is nothing our sent help can deliver us from? Why does the confused soul prefer to live in repeated circles when the key which can free themselves to move on they deny as if the circle of sorrow is enjoyed simply because so many circles in the same cycle have been completed they are comfortable living knowing what to expect while all the while lieing to the souls of others about the change they want to take place they hate to live with? We as people procastinate about a lot of things, but it's what things we procastinate about that determine our happiness. A blessing GOD bestowed upon the many inhabitants of EARTH is to be able to choose your destiny. -Christopher L. Ford (2011) This is in no way impling any of you are not living in truth. It's a thought, and for some they may have been that ignored mind. This is me saying don't ignore the mind that comes your way even if you feel you can't stand it. There just may be something you have to hear that you have been running away from.