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Sign My Petition to Help End Employment Discrimination

Don't Ignore #DISCRIMINATION. Everyone deserves the right to a good job. #ButWereEqual Sign my petition. Your signature is all the support I need. Felons should not be instantly counted out when it comes to getting a good job. We are human too. We deserve a chance. Upon leaving prison, we were taught by Officers and Gov't programs that they would help re-integrate us into society. Since my release I have come to understand why Felons end up back in prison. Life for Felons is harder than you could ever imagine, and I left high school as a National Scholar nominated to attend the White House for a week and meet every member of our government. Not once did I think I would become a felon upon graduation from High School. Let's help put an end to Employment Discrimination. Help my cause, because my cause is someone else's cause and it may be your cause. Discrimination has no COLOR. Sign my petition is all I ask. Any extra support is and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, Felon-Christopher Ford aka Rawboss Enter the link below to view my petition. http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/fight-felony-discrimination

2014 is a big year

The album "RAWBAGHDAD : Dictator of the Nation" is arriving soon. Featuring the Smash Hits "King of da Parkin' Lot" & "Bump Dat". It will be available online and so forth.

How long will you ignore HTURT-TRUTH

Ignoring the young mind of a growing individual once blameless in ignorance now able to understand as one does the moment words flow from the lips of another is looked at as a rock at the very bottom of an ocean, unseen-unwanted-unsought-to all, yet to none just something co-existing by an unwanted force of another's greed and desire to live without hearing a word flow from the young mind of a growing individual once blameless in ignorance now able to understand.-Christopher L. Ford (2011) How often do we seek help in our lives and when it is presented to us in an unwanted fashion do we turn away from it as it there is nothing our sent help can deliver us from? Why does the confused soul prefer to live in repeated circles when the key which can free themselves to move on they deny as if the circle of sorrow is enjoyed simply because so many circles in the same cycle have been completed they are comfortable living knowing what to expect while all the while lieing to the souls of others about the change they want to take place they hate to live with? We as people procastinate about a lot of things, but it's what things we procastinate about that determine our happiness. A blessing GOD bestowed upon the many inhabitants of EARTH is to be able to choose your destiny. -Christopher L. Ford (2011) This is in no way impling any of you are not living in truth. It's a thought, and for some they may have been that ignored mind. This is me saying don't ignore the mind that comes your way even if you feel you can't stand it. There just may be something you have to hear that you have been running away from.

Download the mixtape "RAW N Da H60D"

I got an all new mixtape out now on datpiff.com, be sure to download & jam it. There are 19 tracks to it. I got features on this one and a lot of production on the beats. Check it out at the link below. This is not spam people. Check it out and show some support. Feel free to comment and express yourself.


Happy 2011 Reverbers

I am glad to be back and to celebrate the new year, I brought ya'll some all new freestyle tracks, along with a new video. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel Rawbigad Empire for all the latest videos and information. Rawbigad RAWBIGAD EMPIRE GET IT RAW

New Music Video

What it do everyone. I got a fresh new music video out from the FREE MIXTAPE "The BIG Picture" Let Me Rock Ya For now, fanz everywhere can check out the video LIVE & DIRECT on myspace. Go to www.myspace.com/rawbigad and join as a friend and view the "Let Me Rock Ya" Music Video today. RAWBIGAD EMPIRE 2009

The World Iz RAW & Everything N It

I am currently working in the studio on the 3rd Album. Unlike "Put Me In A Vault" and "The BIG Picture", none of this music will be released to the public until the OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE. RELEASE DATE POSSIBLE BETWEEN SUMMER 2010- SPRING2011

The BIG Picture

Enjoy the early release to the world as the mixtape is suprisingly the follow-up album to "Put Me In A Vault" which will be re-mastered and released sometime in 2010.

Put Me In A Vault

I know I brought yawl a sample of the DEBUT ALBUM "Put Me In A Vault". The OFFICIAL ALBUM with all rights reserved and more will be released sometime this year. Winter 2009

Steady Brangin' Mo' & Mo' To Ya

The BIG Picture-Free Mixtape is here. Put Me In A Vault-Debut Album is here. Check out the music Rawbigad