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The Realside / Blog

12 off the cuff: An album a month for a year

So far things have gone well! Managed to get a few guests to share their talents. Some fine local musicians in Ryan Coleman, Jonathan Abel and Stuart Montez! February's album will be done by the 28th deadline. The I will start March's jump from the folk rock of the February effort to a more heavier goth rock phase with dirty synth basses and the like. It's a fun exercise to come up with new music each month and explore different genres. The Tennessee songwriters really got me on this month's release, Rhetorical Personal Moratorium. The full album will be downloadable lossless and free at my site: http://www.delvinshademusic.com

CLICK ON THE REALSIDE and follow the link! January 2014's album, The Circle is already up for free download there as well.

Best, Terry McClain AKA The Realside

New albums in works

Three albums simultaneously:

The Perfect Storm (Pop/Rock-recorded with no metronome); Figment (Electronic Pop/Rock); and "Let" (Pop/Rock). More than 30 songs total!

RPM album 2012 February

The RPM Challenge is here and the deal is 12 songs written, recorded & finished in this month! Thanks to the Facebook thread where 12 volunteers gave the Key/Tempo to all the tracks. Production is started!

Back in Music City

It's a fun time here back in Tennessee, seeing old friends, staying awe-stricken by the sheer volume of talent at every turn. I'm going to be soaking up the songwriter scene, looking for undeveloped talent that can use an affordable route to making albums. It's that time, to use my surroundings to further my writing/performing and to be thankful I can do so. All genres welcome! Come to Delvin Shade Music and contact me if you want to work together.

The Realside: New album and more!

Guiltless Cult CD Release 11-26-10, Live Metropolis score up now for free download in full length or separate files. Check the official website for upcoming shows and projects!