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The Sign / Blog

Pay for Petrol Tour 2011 - Monday, April 4

Played at Pappy and Harriet's Pioneertown Palace. Very cool place in the mountains in Pioneer Town. Pioneer town was built by the movie studios to film Gene Autry movies and is still standing. So as we are driving through the hills in the middle of nowhere we are going where the hell is this place and all of a sudden there we were! all of these cars parked around the place and when we walked in the place was full of people. They had great food and cheap beer (Red Stripe Jamaican $2.00). There were a few acts on the night and we played second while there was a full house. Got a great response and we stayed most of the night. On the way home we thought we had a major problem. We were driving home when all of a sudden the car stopped running. Luckily it stopped just before a petrol station. I had 1/2 tank of petrol before I left the gig but the gauge was reading empty. The petrol station was closed but you can get petrol with a credit card with no one there. I finally got some petrol into the tank and the car started. When I looked down I saw a puddle of petrol start to form. When I looked under the car petrol was pissing out from somewhere. I had Jo turn off the car and looked underneath. Got Russell up at 12:00am from a sleep to help out because I didn't know what I was going to do. The leak stopped so I thought it must have been a loose hose. I jacked up the car and found a hose had come off the fuel filter. Just then a guy pulled into the station to make a phone call from a public phone. He had a screwdriver so I was able to get the hose tightened. Just then Russ arrived but the problem was fixed........we drove back home with no problems. It's always a fun experience....

Pay for Petrol Tour 2011 - Sunday, April 3

More of the same emailin, except for Rochester this time.... gigs....gigs....gigs....

Pay for Petrol Tour 2011 - Saturday, April 2

Emailin' workin' day....... Sent emails to TV and radio stations in the San Louis Obispo area.....

Pay for Petrol Tour 2011 - Friday, April 1

Getting a bit slack at the blog.... been really busy. Last night we checked in at Motel 6. Always a decent clean room with internet, TV, A/C and a good shower with normally a good bed. Queen bed this time wasn't that great though. We found this humungus sandwitch at Von's supermarket that was the size of a whole Vienna loaf with about a pound of meat for $5.99 and had that for lunch and dinner. Watched a bit of telly and went to sleep. Got up, checked out at noon and walked around Katella St. for awhile to soak up some sun and get a bit of exercise before driving to Santa Ana to play at Malones. Not a bad drive to Santa Ana. Google maps is our friend. Always good directions and gives pretty good estimates on how long the drive will be. When we got to Santa Ana we cruised around a bit looking for something to eat. Found this mobile Mexican food van parked on the curb. All the menus were in Spanish. The owner was really cool and told us about all the dishes. Jo got some chicken street tacos and I got a special taco that was famous in those there parts and it was excellent. All for just $7.00. We found our way to Malone's and hung out there till we had to play. It's a pretty big venue with two stages, nice sound system and anything a band could want including a competent sound man. We were first to play out of about five bands. Had a great gig and set the pace for the rest of the evening. My old drummer from a band I had in Hollywood in the 80's showed up with his wife. What a great surprise it was to see them. Oscar and Paula. After the gig we were invited to stay the night with them. So.... we started to follow them home. They live in Pomona. When we were on the freeway some dick cut in the middle of Oscar and me just as he turned off to another freeway! Ahhhhhh.... shit... we didn't exchange phone numbers!! How dumb was that? I think we were so excited to see one another after all these years we didn't think to do so..... Luckily we were on the right freeway to go back to 29 Palms to stay with my brother for a few more nights. We'll see Oscar and Paula on April 7. He is playing with a band and invited us to come along.

Pay for Petrol Tour 2011 Thursday, March 31

Got up really early today and drove to Anaheim to play at the Anaheim Market. It was 91 degrees and it was HOT! It took us 2.5 hours to get there with no problems. Gotta love Google Maps! We played at 1:00pm till 2:00pm. Appreciative crowd for a Thursday afternoon. After us there was a karaoke guy who played from 2:00 till 7:00. He was giving away free tickets to a Quiet Riot concert at some speedway. Told us he was going to give us two. Valued at 100.00 each! We'll see..... After we finished we drove to Santa Ana to check into a Motel 6. After a bit of relaxing we made some posters at the local Office Max and went to Malone's to hang up the posters and check out the club. Really nice club. Great PA with sound man and two stages with continuous music. After we left we went to some big shopping centers to placard cars with fliers for the gig and went back to hotel. More on tomorrow, tomorrow.

Pay for Petrol Tour 2011 Tuesday, March 29

Played at the Joshua Tree Saloon tonight in Joshua Tree. Excellent host (Ted Quinn) and a great crowd. Sold some CD's and made some new friends. Ted does a radio show and he was really impressed with our performance and is going to play our CD on his show on Sundays. Cool...... Interesting thing about Joshua Tree is that the tree that grows there (Joshua Tree)is the only place it grows. Only in that small area of the desert and one other place on the way to Las Vegas from 29 Palms. That's it! Driving on the right is a bit weird after all this time driving on the left. Getting it down though.

Pay for Petrol Tour 2011 Monday, March 28

Went to a casino with Russ and Kathy called Fantasy Springs in Indio. All the casino's are owned by the Indians. We had free rooms and free all you can eat dinner buffet. We also won some money. Doubled our investment! Great room with an excellent view of desert and mountains. Yummy food, great iced tea and coffee and lots of it.

Pay for Petrol Tour 2011

Well, here it is.... a week into the tour already and I haven't written a thing... Long trip from Tassie to LA.

Left Tassie on Tuesday, March 22 at 1325 and got into LAX Tuesday, March 22 at about 2200. Weird..... My brother Russ and his partner Kathy picked us up and we drove the 3 hour trip to 29 Palms.

We lost Wednesday to much needed sleep. Got a mobile phone pre-paid sim on Friday with a new Californy number with unlimited talk, text and internet for only 50.00/month with T-Mobile.

Not much to say about the rest of the week. Just catching up with bro and sis-in law and soaking in the desert air and a Whippet named Tigger.

Last night in Tokyo (Nov.15, 2010)

Japan Music Week is over. What an experience. It was very exhausting and frustrating at times but all good for us. We met lot of new fans and venue contacts who will be happy to see us again. We met with Masako for lunch about 1230 at this great Japanese restaurant she found for us just up the street from our hotel. Too bad we couldn’t read Japanese because we would have gone there sooner. The food was great and so was the price. Much better than Ringer Hut! Oh well, now we know where it is. After that we met a girl named Nyree (who is an Australian living and teaching in Tokyo) for coffee. We met her last year at a gig. She is a lovely girl and down to earth. She told us about some people she knew who are in the music industry she wants to introduce us to so we were very appreciative. We had a bit of a chat at our hotel for a couple of hours then she had to go. After that we had a bit of time in our room to get ready for dinner at Diglight. Chata (the owner) invited us the previous Friday. The club is closed on Monday so it was a private going away party for us. We arrived at about 1920. We were supposed to be there at 1900. We could tell by the look on their faces when we arrived, Chata and friends were a bit worried we wouldn’t be there. No chance!! They treat us like family when we are there. While we were having something to drink (all free by the way) Chata was cooking up a storm. There were about eight of her regulars there. What a feast!! There was salmon (sashimi), prawns, soy beans, bok choy, Caesar salad and other stuff I don’t know the names of but all delicious. She made this fried stuff on a large round electric frying pan you had to eat with a small spatula type utensil. You chop up the ingredients while they are frying; after it’s cooked a bit you make a pile in the center of the pan, then you make a hole in the center of the ingredients and add the liquid, then cook it some more, flatten it out on the pan then it’s ready to eat. Kind of like an omelette but not. What a treat! We all had an excellent night even though some could not speak English and we didn’t speak Japanese!! We communicated somehow though and learned some new Japanese words along the way. We certainly have a new family in Tokyo. It’s very much like a Japan version of Cheers. 0200 and it’s time to go. Very sad to leave………………………….

Japan Music Week Day 9 (Nov.14, 2010)

Woke up this morning with the sundown shining in…..I found my mind in a brown paper bag within… I tripped on a cloud and fell eight miles high; I tore my mind on a jagged sky. I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in….. Yeah, yeah oh yeah….. Burger King for fillet of fish burgers for brekky. We were forced out of our room again (albeit at 1300) so they could clean it. After brekky we went back to our hotel room and laid about, called home and did some emails. Watched some Japanese baseball then a Japanese cop show and could actually follow the show somehow! Typical murder case. We made our way to Tokyo Tower via the JR line and change at Yoyogi for the Chuo line for the Akabanabashi exit to play the blues night. A bit strange for us to play a blues night as we are not a blues band but we played our open tuning songs that have a lot of slide guitar work so it was received very well. The crowd was very surprised and loved it. Our friends Nikki, Midori, Thommo, Stuart, Mac, Angelina and Jaelynn were there. After we played we watched a duo play, one played a drum strapped on his shoulder (very hard to explain what it was) but he played it very well and the other guy played electric guitar. They were really good. After that Mac got us complimentary tickets to go up the Tower and visit the wax museum. That was really cool being up over 250M above Tokyo. You could see everywhere as there was a 360 degree view and it was a clear night. Awesome!!!! Left Tokyo Tower with Nikki, Thommo, Midori and Stewart and went to get something to eat. What a pain that was. We went to Shinjuku and had some guy bugging us to eat at the place he worked for. After about five minutes or so of this guy badgering us, Nikki decided to go to some place upstairs. It was a pretty expensive place and Jo and I were not so happy to have eaten there. I don’t think Nikki was happy Stewart was with us. He just tagged along. Anyway, after we ate Midori and Thommo went one way, Stewart went another and Nikki, Jo and I went another to go home. We got the train with Nikki to Takadanobaba. He stayed on to Otsuka and we went back to the hotel and went to bed.