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Japan Music Week Day 3 (Nov.8, 2010)

We thought we were going to sleep a bit later but we were woken to sound of Skype. It was our friend Kenny calling to tell us about his new film production and wanted some info about a Govt.grant. 0900!! I guess no sleeping in today….. It was 1000 Queensland time but still early for us! It’s always nice to hear from him though. One of our good mates we met in Tokyo the second time we came here. We got up and walked around Takadanobaba for about forty minutes having a squiz, trying to find some blank CD cases and then got some great noodle soup with a side of gyoza at Ringer Hut. Very cheap (moto yasui) and the food was good. We took the train to Shinjuku and found some CD cases at BIC Camera shop where I bought them the last time we needed them. It was back to the hotel and get ready to go to Tokyo Tower for the opening night. It took us about forty minutes to get there from our hotel. The walk from the subway station was through a really cool park that had lots of temples and beautiful buildings and statues. The front of the tower was all lit up with Christmas decorations, trees and a little village. Funny that; Shinto’s and Buddhists’ celebrating Christmas. Go figure. Inside we found our friends Uchida and Be-b. We also met a great group of musicians, singers and record and management people. We heard a couple of acts but couldn’t stay as we had to play at Ben’s Café at 2030 and things didn’t kick off at the tower till about 1900. Ben’s Café was full of people when we got there. It was great to see that people came out to see us. The night was quite hot and we were a bit tired but played hard as we usually do. Had a great gig and met some new friends. After the gig was over we had a short walk to our hotel thankfully. Feet killing me and totally fagged……. Off to never never land………………

Japan Music Week Day 2 (Nov.7, 2010)

Got up at 0350 and got ready to face the day. Dragged Thommo outta bed ten minutes later and he drove us to the airport. God bless his soul….. Testing the friendship! He did win two Arias so he was in a good mood… I should mention that when we were at Thommo’s place I did get his network and network printer sussed out…. All working as it should now. The flight to Cairns was uneventful. Good flight with a 100mph head wind. Arrived at the airport a bit dazed from little sleep (apparently I snored) and now we are waiting for the 7 hour flight to Tokyo. Got some really weird tasting Chai Latte and had to exchange it for some hot chocolate. Toasted sandwiches were good though. Beware where you buy Chai….

On the plane again….. just can’t wait to get on the plane again…… Finally leave Cairns and on our way to Tokyo. Had a bit of a kip before we got our movie viewers. There were a bunch of pretty good movies to view. Salt, Contingency, Despicable Me, Sorcerer’s Apprentice and a few more. The food was pretty decent. We had chicken curry with rice first up then a meat pie before arriving to Japan. Both with chocolaty deserts. Right before the end of Salt the stewardess came and took my viewer! Not happy……. It was time to land and I didn’t get to see how it ended! After another fine landing at 1900 we had a quick exit through customs with no questions. We normally take the train to Tokyo so we decided to take the JR line this time from the airport. Normally we take the Keisei line because we know the route. Next time the Keisei line from the airport. We took the JR line to Narita and changed over to the Keisei for fear of not knowing where we were going. We weren’t in the mood for an adventure after flying since 0600. Changed trains at Nippori and took the JR Yamanote line to Takadanobaba to find the hotel. I We are very familiar with the JR line in Tokyo. At the Takadanobaba station there were hundreds of Uni students hanging about as the Uni is near so we had to manoeuvre our way through the crowd to get to our hotel right across the street. So here we are sitting on the sixth floor with the window open and the sounds of hundreds of Uni students chanting and singing in the background. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Japan Music Week (Travel) Day 1 (Nov.6, 2010)

Thanks to Scotty for taking us to the Hobart airport to catch the flight to Melbourne. Thommo picked us up at the Melbourne airport and after we got home and settled took us out to dinner at The Pantry in Brighton for some great pizza, wine and nibbles. After some gabbing for awhile, took a shower and went to bed about 0100. Nice to have good friends…………….

Erase and Rewind Japanese

Well we've done it! With the help of Satomi Ozawa we recorded Erase and Rewind in Japanese. We hope to release it in Tokyo for Japan Music Week, November 8 - 14. Thanks to those who made the suggestions!


We are going to release a song in Japanese for Japan Music Week in November this year and would like your help!

We would like to know which song you think would be the best song to sing in Japanese.

Have a listen to the songs, reply to this blog and tell us what song you think is best. It can be the name of the song or the song number (for those who don't write English). Please tell all your friends. Those who help us will receive a FREE download of the song when it is finished and your name will be put on the CD sleeve as a BIG thank you. So make sure you give us your name!

Please email us at thesign@thesign.com. If you are a member of ReverbNation just hit reply. If you would like to join ReverbNation and be our fan please do!!