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The Sign / Blog

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 11

Rehearsal, rehearsal those cover songs and we will be playing a Bob Dylan Tribute for Songwriters At Play,gosh he had so many songs that I forget are his. Feet firmly back on the ground and here we are. Important facts for on the road,eat well,sleep well and no getting hammered till the run of gigs is complete. Don't fall behind on the blog teehee.

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 10

Well the mountains are a lot cooler than Los Angeles who would have guessed? Now I regret not having put a pair of jeans in!!!! It's Spring so its misty of a night and still some snow winds. We set the gear up in the studio had a run of all the songs and back to the grindstone it is. Its still beautiful and absolutely majestic there were four hawks just catching the thermal updrafts and tooling around.. Its pretty special. Gigs start Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. Okay xxxx

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 9

Woke up, warm & sunny. Time to hit the road we have a three hour drive up the Californian Coast. Farewell to our hosts Kate & Brent and a huge thank you for hooking us up with Cameron, having us perform and giving us a place to stay. See you when we come back down. The road is long and winding, the weather is perfect saw four pelicans flying in formation along the beach...amazing. They are such big birds. Ran into fog in the middle of the afternoon Steven Kings novel The Fog was set where we are traveling through. Unbelievable then we glide out of the mist into brilliant sunshine and our destination awaits. Food is a priority as I will be cooking for seven so the supermarket Food for Less a warehouse and shop. Dos Equis beer, of course then salads and veggies you know the drill. Forgot the code for the gate my dyslexia rears its head, saved by the angel Gabriel and Kevin, the gates open and we are afforded entrance to paradise. A tiny deer crosses, rolling hills and a light breeze as we wind our way to Riggs. It was so good to see the boys, two amazing sculptors who have been in Cambria for a Sculpture Symposium, classes with some great sculptors over the last week. Gabriel hails from New Mexico, Kevin lives in Ventura both great craftsmen. Big hugs and warm welcome as we stretch our legs after a 200 mile day.Unpack the groceries, check the refrigerator grab a beer and laugh. Nice to be back amongst good mates. Its so gorgeous hawks flying free on the air currents and mountains. A hot green vegetarian curry with pasta and great company. We finally met Yoshi & Leica. A clean kitchen, a fresh start thanks to Lisa, wonderful lady. Off to bed. xxx xxxxx

Los Angeles USA Tour 2012 Day 8

Slept well, had a croissant for breakfast, our hosts are having their guest room wall papered its gorgeous. We need to be at the playhouse for sound check so we head out. Its a variety show and we are the World Music segment. Monster Music Playhouse is hosting performances from their students in a pretty cool space. We get done with sound check and Cameron Datzker from LA TALK is there. He proudly tells us that we got the most hits on his show email responses, over 200 likes and questions where to buy the album and people wanting to hear more of THE SIGN woohoo. That is a great feeling. The show is re-run all week so another five days. We head back to the house to get changed, it's hot.... One of Paul's best buddies lives pretty close so we visit before we need to be at the Monster Music Playhouse. It was a great reunion Mark, Gary & MacGruder.... funny fellows. They come to see us play then we all head back to Marks' place to party. Lots of laughter, a few beers, some playing on the black resonator suddenly its 3.30 in the morning. Home to sleep. I finally met the Miller Brothers. Atascadero Riggs Gigs here we come after some sleep.

Los Angeles USA Tour 2012 Day 7

Left for Los Angeles. Airtime on radio show LA TALK with Cameron LA Sports & Talk. Got into Sherman Oaks with some time to spare,off to Hoggly Wogglys for ribs, yes I know meet the mmmeat. Did not consider that I would smell like ribs, sticky fingers for playing, so no more eating ribs before playing. Washing didn't seem to help. Marty Ingles (famous actor/comedian from years back) was on the show, we did not know what a fine surprise! Cameron was a great host, funny, generous and quick witted. 5 MILLION listeners and a captive audience. The Sign played IN YOUR WORLD live and it was a hit. We went out to Sollys Deli and had Matzos Ball soup, rye bread and me, well an Ice Chocolate Moccachino mmm. Shot the breeze, it was a fun night then we headed to the place with the view Amarito Drive. It's gorgeous . Our hosts Katie & Brent are lovely people with hearts of gold, they made us welcome, showed us our sleeping room and the bathroom. We take a hottub under the velvet California sky for a good forty minutes, relax, thank the powers that be for taking such care of us and head up to bed. Bella the gargoyle dog stealthily slips out of our room through the balcony door. As there are coyotes in these hills all small animals can immediately become prey, lucky for us she returned without too much encouragement Phew we would not have been welcome had she got eaten. Sleep glorious sleep

29 Palms USA Tour 2012 Day 5

So... jetlag arrived, thank goodness for a laid back day, barbecue and family. Windy night, the promise of rain but the desert is a jealous woman without tears.The gear works and the guitars settled. The corner of the amp is repaired and the buzz is happening.

29 Palms USA Tour 2012 Day 6

Okay loved playing at The Cactus reminds me a little of Crossroads except its a sea of sand and Steve wasn't there. But friends and family were there and we love their support. Anna & Johnnie lent us a couple of mic stands and we got to play a couple of hours in a pretty pleasant atmosphere. Now I feel like we are here, five days have vanished. We leave for LA in the early afternoon trying to cruise the traffic which we know is going to be horrid. Radio interview live to air at 7.30 then out to our accommodation a most beautiful residence in the Hills. Time to kick back before our show on Saturday night and we have four more dates in SLO that just arrived. Head for SLO Monday I think. Love and Peace Guys & Gals

29 Palms USA Tour 2012 Day 4

Wow what a night. Went to the Cactus Bar tonight to see Tite Fitt, really nice people and good band. Twenty minutes into the night there are people running up the street. Ring 911! this pickup has smashed into a palm tree which lucky for us prevented the truck taking out the bar. Three cars are involved, the frontend of the pickup is pushed to the drivers seat, the women gets out and is walking. Relief, no deaths, then twenty minutes later Paulie is jamming with Johnnie and the drummer and all these firetrucks race past the bar. There is a big house fire one street down! We finish up the night after being invited to play Thursday. Walking to the car in billowing smoke, The Sign called it a night. Way too much excitement in our immediate vicinity. The Sign is in town.

29 Palms USA Tour 2012 Day 3

We are organized. Got the phone, got the posters and cd cases. Get to see Anna & Johnnie tomorrow night at The Cactus, play a set, borrow a few mic stands for rehearsal over the next three days. Looking forward to Saturday night in LA catching up with some old friends then up to Riggs to start our round of gigs. Everything works but Paulies guitar is grounding out so he needs some metal to stop the buzz. Boy will you be entertained when I explain how xxx. Lots of love and peace. It"s 12.30 nearly in high desert time. The Sign arrived with a spectacular meteor a celestial morning encounter.

29 Palms USA Tour 2012 Day 2

On the hunt for a mobile phone sim card and CD standard jewel cases... nowhere to be found in 29 Palms or Yucca Valley. We've been to the desert on a horse with no name (our Chevy). We did get Whoppers and Sweet tarts at the Dollar store though! Not available in Tasmania. Will get the sim and cases in Palm Springs tomorrow, an hour drive away... ugggg. T-Mobile and Office Depot here we come...