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the mystery of the toilet money

the mystery of the toilet money a friend of mine had about a dollar in loose change in the bottom of his toilet for the past 6 months, then the other night a friend went to visit him and the following day he noticed the money was gone. how do you ask a friend if they took the change out of your toilet?

That's right - I'm ian hard

As I left their house he said to me stay off the pot and I said I will I hopped in to my car and drove off I thought what an idiot I am here I was saying Im off the bongs just after hed packed me four consequentially. What are you doin man I said to myself so I went home and I thought I m gonna do something with my life, I decided Im going to write motivational books about how I made 40 cds like Anthony Robbins and I only put stuff on the first 20 cause I new that no cunt ever listens to all of them. The rest of them you can put your own shit. When I got on the computer I thought man, you wouldnt have written this book if you didnt have those bongs! Who the fuck are you man? Youre Ian Hard .

off chops #367

Ian off chops other night had a ball tripping some friends out. Great tunes. great place. Nothing sweeter than hanging out with Ian......