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Sunset Riot / Blog

TRASH vs CLASS lyrics

Escape your fate, close your eyes lay back and smile Just for tonight, that’s what she said Ruby lips, cherry red fingernails Eden ain’t so far away PRE-CHORUS You got a pedigree that’s full of names I can’t pronounce You got five, forks beside your dinner plate You’re lost inside your lust-inspired bag of nasty tricks Sugar tell me now, CHORUS Where’d you get your class? Cause you’re just so trash Where’d you get your class? Cause you’re just so trash, you’re trash Viper lies, loaded up revolver eyes Your heart is where it starts Conviction gone, red hot like a dog in heat You ate the fruit and led me down PRE-CHORUS You’ve known Him all your life and now you turn your back away You lost your way, girl you lost alotta things You play with fire and you’re bound to burn the temple down Woman tell me now


Girl I got a fever, deep inside my bones Crystal ball has got me shakin’, shakin’ right down to my toes You could be my lover, my dangerous machine You could be the one who sucks the life right outta me Take one look, at you, captured with a glance Molten lava in a skin just asked me out to dance Time has come to choose, fold or one more round Roll the dice, don’t think twice, baby show your hand CHORUS I wanna know, I wanna feel Are you the one who’s gonna sink your teeth or heal I wanna know, I wanna feel Honey you’re a rattlesnake Girl ain’t life a trip, ur shakin’ in your shoes Can’t see thru the fog and now I don’t know what to do You could be my poison, you could make me bleed U could b the woman who finally sets me free Diggin’ in a hole, I’m in way too deep Stepped outside my castle and I’ve fallen to my knees Scratchin’ at my door, woke up on the floor Caught me with a hook and now I’m swimming for the shore

Sunset Riot appears on the horizon...

...after several years of hard work, many prayers are being answered as SUNSET RIOT is almost ready to launch! The pieces are in finally in place for a "full steam ahead" approach. We are commencing recording with gigs already booked for june, july and sept. We are planning on officially launching the band at the beginning of summer with a MASSIVE stadium style show. Make sure you keep your eyes open for dates, its gonna be EARTH SHAKING!! There is still alot to do as we are working on a website, designing the myspace and merchandise and editing the photos from our first photoshoot as well rehearsing like mad to be ready for YOU! We are aiming to have some demo recordings up by the end of the month, you can make sure you don't miss out on anything by signing up as a fan on myspace, facebook or reverbnation. We are really thrilled to play for you guys, can't wait to see you all!! Until then...rock on and rock HARD! JP, Scotty C, JD, the Resh and Del