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The gift of Art is what you are born with; each with his or her own gift(s), granted by the Almighty.

Either you allow the gift(s) to grow or die because lack of your own appreciation.

Atis & the Tradewind is the convergence of musicians that will not let their gifts fade away; continue honoring what they have; continue living creatively; continue contributing to their surroundings.

Atis & the Tradewind founded in late 2012; no exact date recorded as the birth of this society of musicians. They just formed by the wish and vision of their Producer, Jesse Lantang, to bring back cool , groove, creativity in all aspects, to society and lovers of music.

These God gifted musicians definitely can not be considered NKOTB. Read their profiles and you will find that they are a bunch of creative beings with miles of credentials in the industry.

Andy Atis, the lead singer, who is also the writer/co-writer, composer/co composer and arranger of all the songs in this book of music, appreciates the given opportunity to continue exist in this special realm of world of melodies.

His appreciations added with respect toward his friends that are willing to partake in this awesome venture, such as Nino, Ludwig, Bambang and Nadya. Each of their gift contributes to his writings, compositions and arrangements.

Most of the songs written are about one’s journey in live; passing through challenges; ups and downs; sorrows and happiness; yet believing that there is no coincidence; only the Hands of Time allows living or dying.

Andy, Nino, Ludwig, Bambang and Nadya, are now cruising on waves of excitements; moving ahead bringing to you the Tradewind.