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South East Asian Tour 2014

In the wake of last year’s frankly ridiculous ‘Death-Disease-Car Crash’ run of bad luck we will be making sure we manage a proper Indonesian tour this year. We will be getting into Jakarta on or around November 6th and heading straight over to Sumatra, where for the first time we will be playing in cities outside of Medan. This is a cause of great excitement for us as Medan has consistently been the craziest place for gigs we have ever visited, so if other Sumatran cities are even remotely as nuts as that town then a good time should be had by all.

Following the Sumatra leg of the tour we will fly back to Jakarta and get the ‘Trans-Java-Express’ fired up and running. Expect to see us playing in Jakarta, Bandung, Purwekarto, Malang, and Surabaya at the very least, and maybe more. The tour will conclude with us in Bali, playing at Kuta’s infamous Twice Bar. We should be easy to find- in a sea of obnoxious, drunken Australian assholes in floral surf wear, we will be the chaps in exquisitely tailored Linen suits, sipping jasmine tea and discussing the works of Somerset Maughn.

We have always warmly embraced the Indonesian ‘bootleg scene’. finding Seven Crowns shirts that we have never seen before always elicits squeals of delight, and finding weird versions of our albums in unexpected places puts a sure fire spring in our steps. If you are an Indonesian DIY label or Distro and want to put out any kind of Seven Crowns release, please let us know. We will GIVE you master copies of any recordings you want and any original artwork and you can do what you want with it. If you are lucky we might even give you unreleased, soon to be recorded tracks.