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burntsystems (burntrobot) / Blog

Tumblr has the blog : http://burntsystems.tumblr.com/

All blogging is blogged about on this blog machine that tumbles blogs out like ours:


I like the word blog

Not quite sure what you would like to read here. I started all this on a Roland R70 and then discovered midi with an MMT8 an old Casio then to a Yamaha S tone module and some stomp boxes made for guitars. I sang and programmed for my 1st band "Burnt Republic" at age 19. Then solo until I created "Burnt!" with Zoe whom I met through a mutual friend. We went on to make a pretty decent tour from 1997-early 2001 then I moved back east. Landed here in DC metro once more. Where I then began Burntrobot then AngelPirate and working with local and now far away talent through the interwebs. Yeah, like most artists, I cannot stop creating. Currently holed up in a hotel in Rockville MD & hoping for a place back in the city and a new steady band incarnation. Art explains everything.