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Mike-C / Blog

Promise that you will sing about me...

One of the most important things I've found as an artist is having that deep connection with the people around you in your life. This connection I'm talking about makes the difference of you being a rapper and a rap artist. Most find their muse in what they think is the most profitable or saturated subject.

I appreciate those that speak for those in their life that do not have the outlet that us artist have to express their story or pain.

To the fans out there make sure that you music has substance, and you not just eating hostess twinkies, Mike-C out, peace...

New Studio Operational...

I am proud to announce that Rawhide Productions is up and ready for operation now.

The studio is run by the Pro Tools engine provided by the Digi 003 Factory Mixing board, along with such applications as Reason, Recycle, Stylus RMX, fruity loops, MPC, Ableton, Virtual DJ and Serato.

Our Mission is to open an alternative for Portland's Hip-Hop and R&B Base to Produce High-Quality music at a feasible means.

Rawhide Productions will house local producers, Mike-C (main Producer of Rawhide Productions); Pete Sake (of Emcee Sections and the Hip-Hop group B.O.U.T.A.J.); Anthony Hodge (Producer For Rawhide Productions); Danga Mane (For Rawhide Productions); Charlie Brown (of Damptown Records); and more.