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Simon Centaur / Blog

Thunder of Love

The howl of the lone wolf on a distant mountain looking down below only to see the things in which he can not have, yet his lonely sound is heard around the world upon ears that cannot hear. So he wanders in silence. The master of his domain that is rarely seen but often spoken of. A domain where legends of valor are written. A place where the strongest of the strong dwell..yet walk alone. A place where a tear is seldom found but when it falls it quacks the ground. A place where the thunder of love is but a whisper and is above all sounds. Where two hearts search the night in vain looking in others for what they had lost when they were as one.

Jan 22 2014

I tried to put the thoughts behind me and move forward, and now I find myself always looking back for you. I close my eyes in the darkness to forget, and that's when I see the clearest. I feel your presence and your closeness... and you fading away all at the same time


It’s always amazing how happiness and joy makes a person glow that others can see. The confidence that shows on their face. But I think what amazes me the most is how it affects others. It’s contagious to be happy. I have a friend in Cairns that every picture you see of her she has a great big beautiful smile on her face. I also have a dear friend that is very wealthy and I asked him what the reason was that he didn’t like to come home to his house. He said it’s the loneliness place on earth. Some people say I don’t need anyone to make me happy. That statement always reminds me of the bible. Adam owned the world and what good was it if he had no one to share it with. If you think you are happy now, just wait until you find that special someone to share it with. You will be invincible to the things you can’t see. With the shield of true love, the two are one, and cannot be broken by the things of this world.

Don't Forget A Soldiers Story

Don’t Forget A little boy growing up would watch his dad each day go to the window and pray. He never really knew what his dad was praying about, so after many years he asks his mom about it. She told him that when he was a young man he went to war and when he got back he started this Morning Prayer. She told her son that she had never really asked him what he was praying about. She figured it had something to do with his time as a soldier. So one day the man’s son got up early one morning and after his dad had finished praying. He ask him what it was all about. His dad with gentle eyes looked at his son and said, I made a promise when I was a young soldier to another soldier. And because of that soldier is the reason you are here. The son asked his dad, “What did the soldier do that was so important”? So the dad told his son I am going to tell you the story so you will understand valor, honor, and love. When I was a soldier we had to go to war. The fighting was brutal. The nights seem to come alive. I always would tell myself to be strong and kept reminding myself what we were fighting for. One night we got caught behind enemy lines. Bullets and rockets were flashing all around me. I had never seen such fearse fighting. I remember I was in a fox hole and another soldier was with me that I had never seen before. He never said a word. He had scares on his face and arms from previous battles and I could see he had no fear and was willing to die without hesitation. Off in the distance was our company but the enemy were between us and them and moving towards me and the other man. I took out a picture of your mom that I carried with me and was in my own way telling her goodbye. As the old soldier looked at me and I could see the reflections of the scares on his face as he began to speak. And in a deep rough voice he said, who is that in the picture. I wanted to make like I too was not afraid but he saw right through me. I told him it was my wife. He looked back at the enemy approaching and said to me there is only one way that you will ever see her again. I will have to stay here and hold them off long enough for you to get back across the lines. I didn’t know what to say and I think he knew that to. He looked at me and said I don’t have anyone. I am the last of my family name. But I asked you this, each morning when the sun rises remember me and the sacrifice so I won’t be forgotten. And with that he turned back toward the enemy and said don’t forget. I went back to get help I could hear heavy gun fire behind me that seemed to last forever. And then it was silent. When I got back at dawn with help, it was an unbelievable sight. Bodies were lying around the old soldier everywhere. I knelt down beside his lifeless body and said I will never forget. As long as someone remembers… you will live forever.

when You Love

When you love someone, that person makes you feel alive. You never have to think of anyone else because all you ever wanted or needed is in front of you. With the touch of their lips you can feel the world go away. In some spiritual way you can feel each other’s thoughts and feelings. Time and distance and all the obstacles and challenges of this world can’t separate the bonding of the two hearts. The closest I have ever been to unconditional love was when I was on my knees in the middle of a plowed corn field looking for the source. I found it that day many years ago and have never looked back or had any doubts again. And because of that day on my knees, and when I found you, I knew what love really was and I knew you would be the one true love in my life always and forever.


There is no such thing as a story book relationship. All relationships no matter what length of time the couple are together will have challenging times. But the challenges in a relationship, when they do come seem to stand out the most. It always saddens me to see a couple together and one will treat a total stranger with more respect than they treat their partner. But, it’s in those times that we need to be understanding and remember the subtle moments; such as the whisper of I love you in the calm of the night or a smile from across the room that says you are the only one. The laughter and conversation of the day while sitting down at dinner. For me it was a slow dance with no music just the gentle touch of each other’s face. Sitting beside the bed as she opens her eyes in the morning light as I softly kissed her cheek. And with these subtle times you will remember how blessed you really are and accept the challenges with the spirit of respect, wisdom of understanding, and the armor of love. Because one day you may wake up and that special person that you took for granted will be gone. Simon C

Earth Bound Eyes

(Earth Bound Eyes) Sometimes when I sit down at my piano and just start to play. I often stop and ponder my life and say to myself “it’s not fair”. Love lost; journeys that seemed to have no end. But, as I think long enough I begin to realize that I asked for guidance through a higher power but like most people I look at life with earth bound eyes. I believe the encumbrances that a lot of people carry with them often hinder their progress in life such as ( poor self-image, fear of failure, lack of self-control, negative attitude, defeatist attitude, and so on). The consequences seem to be distraction, which divides our mind and gets us off track. It drains our energy and can cause us to stumble. We don’t see what we had or have until it’s gone sometimes. Life and the blessings that you are given were meant to be shared with no conditions. Not stored away in a silent place for one’s own self pleasure. All one needs is faith to believe, wisdom to understand and strength to carry on. And if you read this and don’t understand it’s probably because your “ earth bound eyes” have replaced love with unforgiveness, bitterness, a jealous spirit, pride and unbelief which has taken over your life; and that’s the real tragedy.

The Whisper of Love

My Dream [The Whisper] In my dream I could see a lady with long hair. Her eyes were blue like the sky. And in her hair I could see many years had come and gone. She was standing on the front porch of a white house. And the porch sat high above the ground with hedges on both sides of the steps. I could see her hair blowing as she looked out across the sea. I could hear and smell the ocean. A young boy was looking up at her and asked “ What are you looking for “. The lady with a gentle voice replied “ I am listening “ . So the boy somewhat puzzled asked her “ What are you listening for “. The lady smiled and said “ a whisper “. She then looked at the boy and said look out over there. And as the boy turned and looked she said “ “across the ocean and far away is where love whispers to me”. And every day as the boy would walk past the house. He would smile and wave to the lady on the porch looking out across the ocean. As the years passed, on day the boy now a young man decided to go and see the lady again who looked out across the ocean. But, as he started up the steps he noticed all the windows were shut and the door closed on the white house. Even the wind seem to subside and the waves of the ocean seemed silent. He then noticed a man standing on the porch . The young man asked him “ where is the lady who looks out across the ocean “. The man with a gentle voice replied “ she has gone home”. But as he talked the young man could hear a different tone in the man’s voice and knew he was from a far place. So the young man, saddened about the lady began to leave. He looked back to the man on the porch and asked “ Are you from across the ocean and far away”. The man on the porch answered “ Yes I am. I have been away for a long time “. The young man hearing this looked up again at the man and said “ You are what she was listening for all these years, her whisper of love. The man on the porch bowed his head when he heard this. And a tear fell from his face. Because he too had sat alone across the ocean and far away all these years listening for her whisper of love. After I finished writing this dream down and read it back a few days later. It brought a tear to my eye. Don’t let life’s circumstances stop you from finding and being with your true love. Together means building a life time of memories. Being there for each other to enjoy the happy times and lifting each other up when times seem to much to bear alone. Love is your greatest asset in this life. True love is divine gift and will last through eternity. Be silent and listen. Because love sometimes is just a whisper. Simon Centaur


Inspiration is the heart beat of creativity. With creativity the music becomes the voice of the heart which inspires the soul and unlocks the dreams so others can see, hear, feel, understand, and be as one. But without inspiration it is all just sounds, like the raging wind which soon fades away into a silent calm. Simon C


Every note that I play I know has already been heard. Every word in a song has been said before. Love is the center of mankind. Can I arrange my thoughts to music that others can enjoy so the words will touch another with myself. All life is just a flash in the moment of time, memories soon fade. But the music, love, and the spirit of life is eternal. If I can only just find the right note with the right word to say. Simon Centaur