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December blog

Seems like a blog comes once a month. Here's the latest. DECOSTER, that's me, is taking a trip with his beautiful wife to China. Raquel will take a course at Nanjing University for a week as a part of Brooklyn College program and she got the professor to let me tag along. I'll bring my guitar and entertain some of the students and maybe passers by. You'll get pics if you're following the Twitter account or if you want to friend me on Facebook. I read it all the time. Friends are addictive, you know ;)

creative process

There is the idea of sitting down at a blank canvas every day and forcing yourself to write, even if it is ridiculous. One can also stumble on a creative idea when doing something else. For me, the ideas come when I'm honing chops or reading some new music like a jazz progression. The vocabulary expands enough to allow for more ideas to come through. There is a framework. You can create original material, but there should be a base like your favorite music that gets you going. Not saying anything new. Just sharing a few things that got me thinking this week. What's got you thinking?

New year - Birthday October 26

Thanks to all who helped me celebrate my birthday. I have been tweaking the tracks on "Walking in the Sun". The art is completed. All is needed is a few finishing touches. Anyway, looking around for venues in 2015. I'll be hitting the stage on November 23 at Otto's Shrunken Head at 7 pm. I may have a show in December and I'll come back in 2015 in February. Don't worry. I'll have a more interesting blog next go around. Hope you guys are well.

New instrument solos in a pop song

I thought I'd submit this blog to music lovers everywhere who can think a little beyond the solar system. What instruments can you think of that you'd like to hear doing the lead on a pop song? We've heard guitar, saxophone, violin, xylophone, marimba, theramin, and kazoo. What about a bassoon, English horn, French horn, tavla, ood, lute, harp, crumhorn, double bass......I don't know. I'm sure there's another instrument I haven't thought of. A little collaboration, please. Thanks, guys! ;)

Listen to old and new

One thing that is fun to do is to hear older songs and juxtapose them with a new song right afterward. It's good to hear styles that one gravitates towards and find a way to put them together. If one is stuck in a particular style, maybe try moving away from it and listening to something in another language or a sound that you wouldn't encounter normally. Blake Mills, a guitarist from Malibu, California that Eric Clapton raves about, has done just that. He learned his favorite rock songs from MTV, but then moved away from the acrobatics and learned to emulate sounds of other instruments with his tone. Next step: walk the talk.

Getting Promo copies ready

I'm getting over a small cold and hoping it doesn't become bigger. Just practiced a new tune and the wife and I are putting together some promo CDs for radio stations. Went for a walk on the boardwalk at Coney Island on Sunday. The sunset was definitely posing for a portrait if anyone wanted. Swirls of clouds with dashes of Halloween orange and crazy light blue. Coney Island is featured in the background of the album cover. You'll see some examples on my page if you check it out. Even in cooler weather, you can still walk in the sun.

what's your voice?

I have to get used to blogging. I don't do it often and everyone's got stories, right? Well, I just wanted to ask, "What's your voice?" If you're on social media, you don't need to even hesitate to say what it is. However, does your voice serve the universe and if so, how? Does it serve your perspective only or can it be interfaced with those of a different perspective? Does your viewpoint help or harm? What mark do you want to leave? Does it matter in the end? I guess the mark I would like to leave is connection with the Creator. I know some of my songs may not suggest this, but I have come to the conclusion that my existence owes a great debt to the Creator and if I fall astray, I feel it in my heart. I pray that the voice you fill cyberspace with has the heart to accept and forgive neighbors for transgressions and see the good. It's hard to do, but God didn't say it would be easy. Thank you, God, for granting me permission to write this message.

Found mastering guy for "Walking in the Sun"

Rich Kulsar, the drummer who plays on "Got the Music in Me" recommended Colin Leonard to master the recording of my upcoming EP "Walking in the Sun" Colin Leonard is the CEO of Sing Mastering in Atlanta, GA. He has mastered everyone from Icona Pop to Kimba to Rick Ross to Wacka Flacka Flame. Check out his site at http://www.SINGMastering.com to find out more if you are an artist who wants the best.

Make Music New York

Last year, I had the opportunity to perform at Make Music New York on the set of Deep Intent, a band I knew. We played near the Bowery at a place called Roosevelt Park. It was beautiful. Some of the best pictures of me were taken there. It was also a beautiful day.

We will get a similar day this Friday where I get to represent the neighborhood in two places: Cortelyou Road by the library and Newkirk Plaza by the Flatbush Development Corporation offices. I go on at Cortelyou at 2 pm. At 2:45, I strike the set and rush to Cortelyou Road to do my thing. For the moment, I've planned two different sets. If you're around, stop on by and give us a listen. I may have some CDs for sale at Newkirk. My first CD "Calling All Lovers" available for a $7 donation.


How does anyone keep up with the world? I can't answer that. I can say that walking keeps me energized. If I need a little focus, I go on a little walk when I have a chance. I walk around all the time anyway since I live in New York, but this is the type of walk where I don't have to go anywhere in particular. I find a place in the park where I can go or somewhere along the Hudson and I explore. I also try to walk at a fast pace to get the heart going.

I don't always know what the future holds, but a good walk helps me to embrace it.