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Todd Wolfe / Todd Wolfe Band / Blog

Todd Wolfe Band Releases New CD and DVD guitarinternational

http://guitarinternational.com/wpmu/2010/12/13/todd-wolfe-band-releases-new-cd-and-dvd/ Todd Wolfe Band Releases New CD and DVD Posted in: Classic Rock, Feature Stories, Frontpage, News, Rock Guitar NewsTags: Jeff Beck, Jimmi Hendrix, Jimmy Page -- By: Staff American Home Entertainment announces the release of two special projects from The Todd Wolfe Band: The Todd Wolfe Band Live DVD coming November 23; and a companion live CD set for release on January 11, 2011. Both new releases were recorded live under a full moon one night this summer at McCoole's Arts Place in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, in front a wildly appreciative audience and showcases The Todd Wolfe Band in all its blues-rockin' glory, wailing on 11 tracks of original songs on the CD that have become fan favorites over the course of six previous albums. The live DVD features four additional songs from the Pennsylvania show, four songs filmed in Germany, and a host of bonus features, including a hidden interview, photo gallery and free MP3 downloads. Guitarist/singer Todd Wolfe's music is deeply rooted in the blues origins of artists such as B.B., Freddy and Albert King, Otis Rush, Hubert Sumlin and Buddy Guy, but amped up to 10 with an energy level that recalls guitar superstars like Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Leslie West, Peter Green and Jeff Beck. In addition to his incendiary guitar work, the new CD/DVD also shines a spotlight on Wolfe's extraordinary songwriting, which while true to its influences, carves its own path as original and powerful. With Roger Voss on drums and Suavek Zaniesienko on bass, The Todd Wolfe Band has developed as a major road band, with constant touring in the past two years both in the U.S. and overseas. Todd Wolfe was born and raised in Forest Hills, New York, and got his first guitar at age 13. Through a succession of early bands and now with his own group, he's become a guitarist of immense power and passion, capable of captivating audiences with his intense, yet melodic, playing. During his formative years, he opened shows for such artists as Gregg Allman, Dickey Betts, Albert Collins, Johnny Winter, Robin Trower and The Neville Brothers. In the `80s, he also met and played with both Carla Olson of the Textones and Sheryl Crow, who when she needed a band to tour after the success of her debut multi-platinum-selling album Tuesday Night Music Club, asked Todd to be her lead guitarist. Over the course of the next five years, Todd played with Sheryl Crow in her band, touring world-wide on concert stages with such legends as Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Robert Plant/Jimmy Page and Elton John. Now, with his own band and releasing his new CD and DVD, Todd Wolfe is front and center, and the critics have been paying attention. Blues Revue said of The Todd Wolfe Band, "Their sound recalls bands like Gov't Mule and Cream." And Hittin' the Note magazine described the band thusly: "Imagine some power trio mixed into a Texas blues foundation and overlaid with trippy psychedelia – that's the essence of Wolfe's music." With the release of The Todd Wolfe Band Live on CD and DVD, fans everywhere can hear and see what everyone's been talking about – the pure, unadulterated power of a band in its prime. ****** ****** The Todd Wolfe Band Live DVD Set List 1. Ready For Love 2. Crowded in My Soul 3. Cold Black Night 4. Beg Forgiveness 5. Gates of Heaven 6. Black Hearted Woman 7. Heaven 8. Silver Blue 9. Got To Get Better in a Little While 10. Roll Over 11. On The Run 12. Change Will Come 13. Love Gone Bad 14. Shame 15. Oh Well Fehmarn (Germany) Concert 1. On The Run 2. Beg Forgiveness 3. East of You 4. Heaven SPECIAL FEATURES: Additional song: "If This is Love" with Mary Hawkins from McCoole's Photo Gallery with music Free MP3 Downloads (3)

Todd Wolfe - Live - CD Review rootstime

http://www.rootstime.be/ The Live CD is available at shows and will be released Jan 11 Dutch to English translation One year after his excellent "Stripped Down At The Palace Bang" (see previous reviews Rootstime) Todd Wolfe was there with a new CD, or "Live" called. Again we are committed to the same question he used in the previous discussion: why is that band in heaven but not the recognition in Belgium and the Netherlands that they do get in Germany? Actually on this edition is a Live DVD containing a total of almost two hours of his "house rockin 'blues stomping to see and hear. Unfortunately, we at this pre-release, the graphics are not authorized to receive and we must content ourselves with the videos circulating on youtube. And that is more than a mere consolation. Although nothing new under the sun, this collection of former Sheryl Crow guitarist again become an interesting piece. During his performances he wants more than ever a performance lasting three hours of it, everything on this release was limited to "more than one hours' steaming, steamy blues. This in the true sense of the word because the word "blues" is often wrongly used for music that explores the boundaries of hard rock and not really into the Rock and Roll label fits. Todd will get a sound you can still best described as a "Cream" in their best / hard years. Moreover, the man a great songwriter, guitarist and singer, something he abundance may / can demonstrate his "Cold Black Night", a Slower, here and there indebted to "Thrill is Gone" and where he insanely sublime his strings may plague to the delight of the enthusiastic audience. More than eight minutes or agresseert caresses his guitar in a truly masterful way. Was not Leslie West who said: "There are very few guitar players I like better than myself, Todd Wolfe is one of them"! The album is full of such sublime solo outings that always fit the songs but never artificially spun up to more than adult height herbs. Do not think you Todd Wolfe variations on the same theme gets! He goes up almost every issue firmly against it but there's so much diversity in his songs and guitar playing that you like blues starting groepje'rooie 'cheeks would get. The man has now also been several years now and ever growing as a songwriter and singer. A salute also to find his faithful companions Suavek Zaniesienko (bass) and Roger Voss (drums) which are to ensure that the sound of that Todd Wolfe Band, the best in this genre. Definitely to be contracted by the fans of this music and the organizers of blues / rock festivals! Bluesyluc

Todd Wolfe - CD review - Blues Matters

UK's Blues Matters Blues Matters issue #58 TODD WOLFE BAND Live Psychedelic Blues Listening to this assured Blues rock album, I was taken back to when Todd Wolfe first came to prominence as a guitarist in Sheryl Crow's live band of the mid-1990s, and played on the eponymous album that shot Crow to international stardom. Despite that exposure, his first love has always been psychedelic and jam-band Blues. Having relocated to California to be nearer his Crow's gigging work, he eventually gravitated back to the East Coast, and has been producing driving power trio Blues rock for some years. This album was recorded live at McCoole's Arts Place in Quakertown, Pennsylvania and in addition to Wolfe (guitars and vocals), the set features Suavek Zaniesienko on bass and Roger Voss on drums. Wolfe aluminates the set as a master of many techniques on his guitar, from funky wah-wah chops, to slide and some epic solo-ing. All the material is self or co-penned. Over seventy minutes of exciting live rock gives ample time and space for the band to stretch out and extemporize, particularly in the epic fourteen minute closing track Shame. The finest Blues track is Cold Black Night, where Wolfe adopts a growl to his voice and staccato runs and chops on his guitar, which capture all the essence of late 1960s Johnny Winter. - Noggin

Todd Wolfe - On Demand Audio Interview/CD feature

http://a1artistspotlight.com/2011/01/18/177-todd-wolfe-the-todd-wolfe-band-live/ No lie, if you were able to have heard this CD back in the late 60’s early 70’s it would have fit in perfectly with what was going on with the Blues-Rock bands of the day. The Todd Wolfe Band Live CD is well over one hour long and includes a fourteen minute version of “Shame” that you will get to hear in this show. The DVD of The Todd Wolfe Band Live is even longer.


NASHVILLE BLUES SOCIETY – JANAURY 27, 2011 THE TODD WOLFE BAND - LIVE AMERICAN HOME ENTERTAINMENT READY FOR LOVE--CROWDED IN MY SOUL--COLD BLACK NIGHT--BEG FORGIVENESS--GATES OF HEAVEN--ROLL OVER--BLACK HEARTED WOMAN--SILVER BLUE--CHANGE WILL COME--SHAME Todd Wolfe, born and raised in the Forrest Hills area of Queens, New York, bought his first guitar at the age of thirteen. He was influenced by the Beatles, as well as Hendrix and the blues giants of the British Invasion, such as Clapton, Beck, and Peter Green. And, during Sheryl Crow's "Tuesday Night Music Club" success, Todd was hand-picked by her to play lead guitar in her touring band. That gig lasted for some five years, and after it was over, Todd went back to his first love, playing guitar in a "power trio." His current line-up consists of Suavek Zaniesienko on bass and Roger Voss on drums. Their latest release is "The Todd Wolfe Band Live," ten cuts recorded under a full moon in Quakertown, PA, in the summer of 2010. The set kicks off with the funky good times of "Ready For Love." Todd gets off some electrifying lead runs on the slow blues of "Cold Black Night," and again on the wah-wah heavy "Black Hearted Woman." The set closes with a fourteen-minute tale of lovers entangled in head games, "Shame." We had three favorites, too. "Crowded In My Soul" is a solid shot of roadhouse boogie, while Todd pulls out his acoustic slide for "Roll Over," the tale of a lover who "never leaves me hungry but I starve for more." And he uses the slide again to enhance the story of a man who heads down to New Orleans to find a different kind of love, "Silver Blue." On this live set, Todd Wolfe shows off his dazzling array of guitar chops, and the band conveys the power and energy they have worked to perfect over the last two years of non-stop touring. Wolfe even made the back cover of the latest issue of "Blues Revue," a sure sign of good things to come!!! Until next time...Sheryl and Don Crow.

Power Trio Fans- Meet the Todd Wolfe Band .americanaroots.com

http://www.americanaroots.com/2011/01/29/reviews/music/power-trio-fans-meet-the-todd-wolfe-band/ Power Trio Fans- Meet the Todd Wolfe Band Posted by Don Zelazny | Comments : Comments (0) Category : Music If you couldn't get enough Cream growing up or you go to sleep listening to Gov't Mule full blast then I have something you are going to like. Check out the new live disc from The Todd Wolfe Band. A dvd recording is also available. Perhaps you haven't heard of Todd Wolfe, but he has been around awhile, getting his start in NYC around 1979. He opened for a number of name acts, including Albert Collins, The Outlaws, Greg Allman, Johnny Winter, The Neville Brothers and Robin Trower. He later moved to LA and began perfoming with his blues trio as well as record soundtracks for the Playboy Channel!! (No word on if he garnered any acting credits on the channel). (Second Note: if any couples on the Playboy channel tried to keep up the energy and tempo of Todd's current music, it would be a SHORT episode, if you know what I mean…) Following this he joined Sheryl Crow's first touring band for 5 years. The present incarnation of the band has Todd on guitar and vocals, Suavek Zaniesienko on bass and backing vocals and Roger Voss on drums. Incidentally, Suavek is a classically trained bass player from Poland who has played in orchestras- no slouches here! They call what they do bluesadelic jamming- a very apt description! Many are the extended jams on the disc. If high energy power trio stuff is what you like, then here is a big helping. Most of the ten cuts on the cd were written by Wolfe. The dvd has over 2 hours of live US and European performances. Check him out at http://www.toddwolfe.com/

Todd Wolfe - Bluespowr.COM

http://blog.bluespowr.com/2011/02/07/quick-takes-rob-blaine-todd-wolfe-band.aspx While we're on the subject of high-energy, bluesy performances, we'd be remiss not to mention a new live CD from the power trio known as the Todd Wolfe Band. Raised in Queens, Wolfe spent five years as a guitarist with Sheryl Crow before forming his own band, where he's currently joined by Suavek Zaniesienko on bass and Roger Voss on drums. With ten original tracks of often full-throttle, blues-soaked rock, the band evokes comparisons to an impressive range of rock and jam bands on The Todd Wolfe Band Live (American Home Entertainment), from Cream and Gov't Mule to Van Halen and Little Feat. Recorded last summer in Quakertown, Pa., The Todd Wolfe Band Live serves as a companion piece to the November DVD that includes four additional songs from the same show, as well as another four filmed in Germany. Starting on an early Van Halen-like "Ready for Love," the band shifts to a Little Feat sound for the catchy "Crowded in My Soul." One of the album's coolest songs is "Beg Forgiveness," which opens with some "Killing Floor" riffs and includes some nice change-ups in addition to its Clapton-esque vocals. There's plenty of jamming to be heard on such songs as "Cold Black Night," "Change Will Come," and the closing, Cream-ish "Shame," including some familar riffs from Clapton and Hendrix. A Zeppelin-sounding "Roll Over" is also quite a treat, and many a listener will no doubt be captivated by the hypnotic strains of "Black Hearted Woman" and the groaning "Silver Blue." We haven't yet had the chance to see the Todd Wolfe Band perform, but one thing that's clear from this album is that Wolfe's searing guitar and the band's energy and diverse sounds will make it quite an entertaining show when the opportunity does present itself; catch these guys if you can.

Dr. Blues local/regional CD reviews

Dr. Blues local/regional CD reviews 2/8/11 Live-The Todd Wolfe Band Psychedelic Blues AmericanHomeent.com 2011 Todd is known worldwide but he comes alive here in Quakertown, PA. The power trio of Todd on axe and lead vocals, Suavek Zanesienko on bass and Roger Voss pounding generates big phat groove, funky rhythm and progressive sounds. They bring Trower, Hendrix and Cream into the present and stir in some down and dirty blues to suit. 9 of 10 cuts are written by Wolfe and some are familiar, but all get it done with power, majesty and intensity. Mixed into these songs are the virtuoso guitar talents of Wolfe and tribute riffs to Jimi, Eric and other familar tidbits you will hear. Pouring out psychedlic, prog, Delta and Texas blues, Todd is unmatched as a guitar player and his vocals shimmer with the deepest impact and blue emotion. The disk opens full bore on "Ready For Love" with a hot TX drive and deep down stanky funk! "Cold Black Night" is dark and menacing and lonely to the core. "Beg Forgiveness" boogies while pleading emotional succor and "Roll Over" throbs with acoustic depth, Delta heat and sexual tension and Todd's "Silver Blue" enters other worlds and inner spaces and the closer New Orleans second lines on wings of slide bayou darkness and Mardi Gras Indian polyrhythmicity. Live is 10 cuts with deep feel, powerful playing and times of 7 minute per,, sounds as hard and deep as a blues knife and a power tio of unique impact. Todd's done a winner.

Sunday Night Blues Project Todd Wolfe Band -- Live

http://sundaynightbluesproject.blogspot.com/2011/01/todd-wolfe-band-live.html Monday, January 10, 2011 Todd Wolfe Band -- Live! The latest release by The Todd Wolfe Band, "Live!" was recorded live under a full moon one night last summer at McCoole’s Arts Place in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, in front a wildly appreciative audience and showcases The Todd Wolfe Band in all its blues-rockin’ glory, wailing on 10 tracks of original songs that have become fan favorites over the course of six previous albums. Todd Wolfe, on guitar/vocals, Roger Voss, on drums and Suavek Zaniesienko, on bass/backing vocals, make up this power trio. There's no place to hide in a three piece band; every player has to shine at every minute, and this is even more true in a live setting. These guys make an incendiary music which is deeply rooted in the blues, but amped up. Things start off with "Ready For Love" and "Crowded In My Soul" which sound like they could by Delaney & Bonnie, gospel/blues burners. Next up is "Cold Black Night," where all the strengths of the band are front and center--fine song writing, incendiary playing, and really good vocals. "Beg Forgiveness" follows, and it sounds like Robin Trower on a good night. Song after song, these guys are in complete command and bringing it home to a live audience. One of the highlights of the set is the 14 minute closer, "Shame," which really doesn't feel that long. There's no drag anywhere, just a joyous celebration of the art of making and hearing great music. Now, with his own band and releasing his seventh album, Todd Wolfe is front and center, and the critics have been paying attention. Hittin’ the Note magazine says: “Imagine some power trio mixed into a Texas blues foundation and overlaid with trippy psychedelia – that’s the essence of Wolfe’s music.” Check it out, and you can hear and see the pure, unadulterated power of a band in its prime. This cd/dvd will be available January 11, 2011. You can buy this at http://www.toddwolfe.com


BLUES & RHYTHM (UK) TODD WOLFE: Live American Home Entertainment (no number) (71:29) If you like the heavier end of the rock-blues spectrum, then this CD might just be for you. Guitarist/vocalist Wolfe inhabits the same kind of territory as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Healey, and other axemen of that ilk. I enjoyed several of the numbers, the slow blues ‘Cold Black Night’, the funky shuffle ‘Beg Forgiveness’ and the Hendrix-flavoured ‘Black Hearted Woman’. Not an album for the majority of readers of B&R I guess, but if a little blues-rock finds favour then this CD may repay investigation. - Waverley McTavish