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Tennessee Line Band / Blog

2015 - Come Hither!

Okay, so it's already here and we are hitting the ground running. How are ya'll doing? Has the bad weather affected your New Musical Year? We certainly hope that all are well as there are many whose difficulties due to weather/climate changes/traffic accidents have been an unwelcome greeting. So, to that end, we want to offer a ray of glad tidings and a "here's to looking up" gimme. Sign up on our web site, http://www.tennesseelineband.com for a free download of "Dirty Truck". We hope it brings a smile to your face and a kick in your step as you boldly bound into this new musical year! Have a great one everybody! Randy, Arlene and Lawrence

Veterans Day Dedication

Hello Everyone - this is a short and sweet and much deserved dedication to all U.S. Veterans on this day. Please pass this link to everyone you know. We dedicate this to All Americans. Thank you. http://youtu.be/kQLAkVmazmA?list=UU-pKM-tYDHdS408JzVb3G7A God Bless and Be Well. Tennessee Line Band Randy ~ Arlene ~ Lawrence

Fun at the BB's!

Short blog post - really short! Hope everyone is doing well and scheduling gigs! We performed at BB's on Sunday and had a great time with friends - Kathleen, Ray and James, thank you - loved seeing you there and enjoyed your company! Next show: BB King's Blues Club - Nashville - Nov. 23rd. Begins at noon - we play at 2:30 p.m. Contact us for tickets! See you there! TLB


Hi everybody - How was your yesterday? Did you have a gig - did you relax - did you write? Are you on a vaca? Just curious. We had a great time at BB's yesterday performing with other great artists. W can call it a 2for that is, we get to perform - so much fun AND we get to enjoy live music by other artists. Want to know what's cool about BB King's? The bathrooms...kidding. The artwork around the joint is a colorful reminder of famous artists who have graced BB King Clubs with their talents. Can I name them at this moment? No...I know...lame but it's impressive as you walk through the different areas structured of steel, brick and wood. So...are you itching to check it out yet? Did I mention the food? Eh...it's great by the way...totally delish! Treat yourself and come away with good stories and good memories! Psssst! We're performing there again on Nov. 23rd - check out our show link for more details. Until then - stay cool and happy pickin'! Tennessee Line Band

BB King's Nashville - Awesome!

Hello all...to the point...BB King's Blues Club - Nashville...Awesome! Oh, already stated. Well, it was and we enjoyed listening to other artists, other genres. One of the hidden off-shoot benefits of this business of playing music is that we also get to attend other artists' shows, for free. So, in essence but not in conclusion - we get to enjoy free concerts, often! We spend time listening to other's music on the web and on Reverb too. Honestly, we rarely get to listen to an entire song, only because in this internet age of windows where several are open at once, there is much work in progress and much actions being taken in a short amount of time. Let us know if there is something you really want us to hear through it's entirety and we certainly will! We're going to be at Logue's Black River Emporium on Gallatin Pike Rd. in Nashville on Sept. 19. The music show begins at 8:00 p.m. and we play at 9:40 p.m. There is no cover so easy access and we're looking forward to seeing you there! Come on out and say hi - we love to take photos with our fans! ~ Tennessee Line Band ~

BB King's and Tennessee Line Band.

Good morning! Just getting up and going and on my first cup of coffee, (Arlene), watching the news, thinking on the day. It's been an interesting couple of years for Tennessee Line. What are you doing today? I'm going to take some time this afternoon to check out our other sites, maybe update a few things. We're considering a new photo shoot for the band; considering the upcoming fall season and her colors. We like our official photos but it's time to take more. We like our not-so-official photos too. You can find those by joining our e-mail list on our site, http://www.tennesseelineband.com , just need to put in your e-mail - easy peasy. Hey, I said FIRST cup of coffee...I tell you what. We're also raising funds so that we can record another CD. We have enough songs for 2 CDs but we can't be greedy! So...on our site on the store page, we have a way you can donate if you'd like to help out. We REALLY want to get our new music out there. People love it - it's upbeat, power country tunes while keeping it country! Anywhooo, thanks for hanging here at Reverb with us. Our next show is on August 17th at 3:00 p.m. at Opry Mills, Nashville. Come on out - it's free and for a good cause. (Donations offered are appreciated by Tunes For Tots and the Simon Foundation) After that, we'll be at BB King's on Music Row in downtown Nashville on Aug. 24th at 12:50 p.m. $12 Advance/$15 Door. Other artists will also be performing and we're looking forward to both events. Ya'll have a super day today and a super week and please consider joining our e-mail list - send us your links and we'll check you out as well! http://www.tennesseelineband.com Thank you everyone! Tennessee Line Band Randy, Arlene and Lawrence

Upcoming Shows - We Want to Meet You!

Hi everybody - Tennessee Line here - we wanted to thank everyone for coming out to check us out at our recent shows so - THANK YOU! Next up - we are performing at Opry Mills in Nashville this coming Sunday, July 27th from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. and you are invited! We are performing for Tunes For Tots Organization benefiting the Simon Foundation (Children's Charities). We're playing originals and covers so come on out for some fun and please donate to this worthy cause! See you there!

Country Music Heat!

Heat! If you're in the Nashville Area, you know it's a hot one out there ya'll! Yesterday, we performed at a private event and had a blast! As always, drink plenty of water, before, during and after the event. Bring towels, spray bottles and wearing make-up is novel. Moving forward, as we sit here in the AC, we are looking forward to performing at the Wilson County Spring Expo in Lebanon, TN this coming Saturday. (May 31st at 1:00 p.m.) We're playing for one hour and will be bringing plenty of water! Hope you can make it - see you soon! TLB

No Rain on Our Parade

Gigs. We love them, we need them and we love the ongoing process of securing them, right?

If all 3 claims above are true for you, then you may be steering a boat of one. The fact is that the work involved in setting shows for yourself or your band can generates stress and chronic anxiety and no one better than you, understands the "work" of playing. We have no credential initials behind our band name or even our members' names' but we we have worn the seek and find process to a nub!

Thank goodness, along with getting new gigs, we have met wonderful people in our recent band past and they are calling us for gigs. It seems a synergy of sorts can be a strong component when generating artist/band business. We love our F3's, (fans,friends and family). They are our motivation to continue our journey of bringing feel-good music to audiences of all ages. We love our job!

So come rain, snow, sleet or hail, we'll continue to march to the beat of our drum and and isn't that what artistry is all about?

Southern country, country jazz, however we may be classified. We like it and apparently, so do our listeners. YAHOO and thank you so much! We appreciate you all!

It's In the Numbers - ReverbNation Store is Open!

It is no secret that favorite numbers hold a strong attraction for people the world over. We attach ourselves to these numbers for good fortune, good futures and sometimes, good riddance!

No wonder a favorite number of a Tennessee Line Band member happens to be 22; hmmm....the same number around which our local rank hovers. We are working hard to get to single digits and you can help!

The Tennessee Line Band ReverbNation is Open for Business!

http://www.reverbnation.com/store/artist_3974404 In a nutshell for Tennessee Line Band: Sales = Studio Time = Promotion = CD Sales = Bigger Shows.

Thank you in advance for your patronage and support. We are following our dream and because this dream does not include a bubble bean pillow and a favorite blankie, monetary support is key so please consider helping us, we would surely appreciate it.

We are on our way and we love that all our friends/fans can be a part of our days ahead.

Be well everyone and thank you for your support! TLB. Randy - Lawrence - Arlene