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Nik C & The BlueTops / Blog

New Kid on the Block

Well, actual that's a total lie, and that said a bad 90's reference, but... We wanna welcome long time pro and drummer phenom Billy Dylan to the roster in The BlueTops. Billy has played with several of the regions A-list musicians and we are ecstatic to have him on board. "Billy brings a whole new level to our playing and our chemistry, which i think is vital going forward into the bigger shows and, ultimately into the studio to record the debut album. He's very professional in the way he carries himself and he's a very humble guy so it was a great fit for us". -Nik Callahan. Billy Dylan has been cycling the circuit for 20+ years and has a wide array of styles he can play in. This attribute made him vital part of the puzzle for The BlueTops. "It definitely opens up some doors which otherwise may have been closed off. Knowing you can go anywhere and do anything, any style, any groove or feel you like is very freeing when your out front of the band. We want to put on the best possible shows for people and he is a huge huge part of being able to do that, and go there to the top of your game and beyond night after night. You know it's the right choice when your not constricted at all and you push each other to new heights on a regular basis. No bad can come from that. We are looking forward to getting the rehearsals in now and fine tuning the shows for end of summer and the start of fall, so we can come out with a whole new energy". - Nik C This is a big move for the group, a great move. Now they will regroup through out July and come out swinging for the fences in August. We'll see you at the next one, until next time BlueToppers. -Over n Out.

The Vision

Today we're talking about "The Vision". And in reaching whatever vision you have, it takes the right attitude and mindset to achieve it. I won't say too much, but wouldn't it be great to see us playing on a big ole' boat someday huh? We think we know the way to it and beyond, and have a certain confidence in our song writing and performance level to be considered one of the regional heavyweights before to long. We are continued in pacing ourselves in order to have all the right approaches from the business sides of things so that everything else can be focused on without distraction. Having some good conversations and making new contacts has been a vital part of the band was gonna stir things up and get a fresh approach at the scene. In a couple months time tops, you'll hear a single released by the band. We are going to have an online release event for that, and we will also offer the single on CD at live shows, and it will be available on our websites where portions of the proceeds go to a great cause in The Fender Music Foundation. Before we close out the blog, we want to thank all the fans online, the new ones, the ones that have been here all along. We wish to see you soon.

Official Webpage Launch

Ok BlueToppers, we have now launched our official website. You can see it now at http://nikcandthebluetops.wix.com . On this easy to navigate site you can find everything you'll need to stay in touch and up to date with Nik C & The BlueTops including, Music, News, Concert dates, Photos, Videos, and much more. The site offers interactive banners to connect you to all of our other media outlets as well, like facebook and twitter. Also and most importantly you will see banners for The Fender Music Foundation and Music for Good, which is the charity we are working with to help put music education back into schools. Music education is becoming more and more obsolete, and Music for Good, with your help, can put a stop to this educational tragedy. Music education can develop higher vocabulary skills, ignite creativity, and even raise the overall IQ of our youngsters. So please take the time to check those things out while visiting the website. In working with this noble cause 50% of the proceeds of every song download will got to Music for Good by The Fender Music Foundation and help get our youth back on track, because, Imagine life WITHOUT Music.?!

Keith "Fingers" Gamble
Keith "Fingers" Gamble  (8 months ago)

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

Free Download

Here's the deal BlueToppsers. Now, and for a limited time only, when you sign up for our mailing list, we will send you a FREE SONG DOWNLOAD!. Please just sign up today and start funking it up with Nik C & The BlueTops!

Through the ranks

In the short few weeks since all our social media sites have launched, we have risen from nowhere to be found on the charts, and now were at #4!. We want to thank you all for making this happening. We need to keep that cyber traffic flowing through all of our social media outlets, so keep it up I think if we can keep sharing, Liking, listening, and getting all our friends to Become Fans here on our reverbnation site, we can move upto #1. That's our goal to be #1 in the charts and in your hearts. Thanks BlueToppers. Let's make dreams come true. Thanks. Nik Callahan

The Fender Music Foundation

We are now offering Walking Away for purchase where 50% of the proceeds are going to The Fender Music Foundation to help put music back in schools. We believe that the state of the music business and the pop culture that is a bi-product of that are drastically effected by the youth in the world not having any knowledge about music, its history, its purpose. We hope that you would be so kind as to download Walking Away today for only $1.29 and help us put the music back in the hands of the youth so that it may live long and strong. Thank you very very much. We love ya!