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East Coast Runaways / Blog

One More Drummer....

Pretty soon we are going to have ourselves a pearl jam drummer story. But let's just welcome Leigh anyway! (even though he is having back surgery next week.) This heavy hitting metal drummer fills the void, and then some, with his overly rythmic need to push a drum through the wall every 16th! so we took his second kick a way and said "HEY!?!? LISTEN TO THE DAMN SONG!?!?" But we kept all his talent and he focused it into a tempo machine, adding the ECR flavor to his timing, with a dash of Frasca Fills!

Now that we got Leigh out of the way, we finally return to the super mondo recording we put on hold over a year ago so Jeremy could go be a movie star, but not really.... We return to "Nosebleeds & Maybelline" This overly ambitious 2 disc set will be our first official release, away from the demo-tastic 3 track things we've been lumping out over the past several years. We begin Nosebleeds in the first week of May with the first track, The Fallen and the Weak. Along the way we will be leaking some audio, video and art for the project.

So pip-pip and ta-ta for now

New Horizons

Big things have been happen behind the scenes with E.C.R.! While we are back to the ole game of finding a competent drummer, frontman Jeremy (who is back to filling in on the kit for now) has landed the role of Lex Luthor in an upcoming independent film!

Superman: The Golden Child is an ambitious fan film, written and will be directed/produced by Andrew List. The film is going to be set in present day and will feature many familiar elements that stay true to the legend. However, it will also have many creative liberties and realistic interpretations. When a disaster threatens the city of Metropolis, Superman shows himself to the world. After his arrival one person is blinded by jealousy and attempts to stop Superman once and for all. How will the Man of Steel cope when he's consumed a lethal dose of liquid Kryptonite!

You can catch the April 18th, 2012 films teaser trailers at www.Supermangc.com. The film is accepting donations, and anyone who contributes $20.01+ will receive a contributor credit in the film and a DVD copy of Superman: The Golden Child once the film is completed. See the donation page for further benefits for helping out the film!

A few other pages to keep an eye on Jeremy’s role as Lex are:

http://www.facebook.com/AlexanderJLuthor http://alexei-luthor.tumblr.com/

And be sure to keep an eye out for the “Get Lex to Tex(as)!” This is a donation fund aimed specifically at the Lex Luthor role and making the trek from Central MA all the way down to Wichita Falls, TX. You can contribute using the Paypal link on the Tumblr page!!

Keep an eye out and an ear open for Jeremy making appearances and talking about his role in upcoming publications such as the Pulse Magazine (December 2011), interviews on Sully’s Café (Ep 72) and Citywide Blackout (November 26, 2011) and doing an event at That’s Entertainment.

....If you made it this far, we will be visiting the studio for some drum prep-work on the upcoming release!

Some love for love!

Yeah for new Drummers! We are currently working Tom into our sets and he is getting comfortable fast! Soon will be the unveiling of the ECR-4! But for now come visit us in our last days as a 3-piece!

Tonight-June 22 we will be going over some of the songs we have been working on and putting together some fantastic harmonies as we continue to build for our upcoming release. Catch us at the Raven in Worcester tonight for an acoustic set and rehearsal.

Tomorrow night June 23rd!!! We have been planning for this one a while! Who doesn't love 80's night at the Luck Dog!?!? E.C.R. will be opening for the infamous Flock! We will be picking up our electrics as a 3-piece and tearing the place apart! And then once we are done it's the Flock of Assholes taking care of what's left! This is a show to get wild at as there will also be a T&G person there to do a cover and review on ECR!

Saturday June 25th. Probably the most important show we will be playing is the Relief Festival for Monson. It's an all day event beginning with a Motorcycle Run followed up by a day of entertainment and food! Come support the town and victims of the tornado that tore through the town! Everyone should be attending this and showing some love and support!!!

Love to all that love! Jeremy

Keeping Busy!

We just don't quit! We have some big performances coming up! And the best part about them is we will be performing as a 4-piece! Jeremy is off the drums and back to guitar and we introduce our new drummer, Tom!

As a solid full band, we have some Tornado relief festivals we will be supporting in Monson. Please help out in anyway that you can, even if it is just showing up! The residence and towns that were hit really need help! We will post details of each festival when everything is finalized. Make sure to keep June 25th and July 1st open!!!

We also have some great opportunities to move E.C.R. up in the music world. We are looking into a Performance on July 16th at the Ruins. Ticket info will be posted when all bands are finalized. This is a Battle scenario and we would love your support to out-perform and outshine the rest for a 3-song EP session and photo shoot!

August 6th E.C.R. will be doing a Rotten Records 2-day Showcase. We will be playing on Sat. Day 1. The President of Rotten Records will be in attendance checking out the bands, so we would really like your support to show these guys who really rocks. Tickets have just become available as of Monday and we are already halfway through them. For your tickets please email ecrunaways@aol.com or get in touch with anyone involved with East Coast Runaways!

Fantastic Super Busy Weekend!

So after our past Lazy Weekends that have passed us by, we now step into too busy to think, so let's just rock! Tonight Jeremy and Craig play an acoustic set of songs that may or may not be appearing on the upcoming "Nosebleeds and Maybelline"(we are currently looking for a curly blonde model for the CD art work). We will be following the evening performances with an electric band rehearsal where Rilla will be joining us onstage.

Tomorrow night you can find Jeremy and Rilla with their band ONLY AT NIGHT at the Lucky Dog. We are especially excited about performance by DayOne and as always, The Flock!

Friday Night, ECR can be found at Tammany Hall to kick off the Memorial Day Weekend. Also performing that evening will be DayOne and Torn Shorts. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=110630975691618

Saturday we venue hop to catch some awesome shows!

Sunday ECR will be at the Lucky dog for Memorial Day Weekend Celebration, with Speaker for the Dead, and Gender Fluency. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=150500925018067

Monday we work through a rehearsal to prep for the rest of the week.

Tuesday Jeremy will be at the English Social Club with an acoustic in hand. A fantastic hole in the wall bar with an even more fantastic crowd of people!

Wednesday, ECR is back at the Raven for a stripped down performance to work out the good and the bad for the upcoming release.

Thursday we breathe...

Friday, ECR will be at the Real School of Music in Burlington for a Citywide Blackout presentation. This show is an all ages performance and begins @ 7pm. Fellow performers will be James Woolwine, Rawksauce. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=184970034888937

Hope to catch all of you at one of our upcoming shows!

Fantastic Lazy Weekend!

On many fronts we had very motivated goals to achieve over the weekend. What we did instead was nothing! We had a great relaxing time instead. Didn't even touch an instrument. We hung out, had some drinks, watched some movies, and just enjoyed each others company. Something we have long been over due for. We have been so busy writing songs, learning new parts, collaborating with other groups, and getting a new rehearsal space in order that we needed time to just be friends again and regain our personal level. Now that our souls have been fed it's back to work! We get busy after this week! As always we are in attendance at The Raven on Wednesday night trying out some new material for the upcoming release. Stop by if you get the chance and hang out with Rilla while Jeremy and Craig play out some new and covered tunes.

I guess it's time to blog!

Welcome to the first ECR Blog!

Jeremy and Craig were at the Raven in Worcester, MA last night (12May2011) working out an acoustic performance. Rilla was also in attendance keeping up with the photo's and videos. This was the first night Craig had joined Jeremy for an intimate evening of melodies. Jeremy can usually be found every Wednesday performing at the Raven, working out new songs that may or may not make it to the final product of the upcoming release "Nosebleeds and Maybelline". Be sure to stop by to get a preview of whats to come and offer some feedback to help us along the way. Also stop by our bandcamp page and help support the upcoming album by downloading our Better Off EP. http://eastcoastrunaways.bandcamp.com/

We have just added 2 new shows to our upcoming gigs. Both will be at the Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester, MA. The first will be during the Memorial Day weekend on the 29th of May. Look for the flyer and event for addition bands to this massive show! The second show at the Luck Dog Music Hall is June 23rd, opening for the Flock!!! The place is going to be pack, as it always is every Thursday night, and the energy is going to be through the roof, so be sure to catch this one! Look for some guest appearances by our friends from DayOne as well.