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Queen V's Top 11 Haunts In The LES

Keeping in the spirit of today's Rocktober post I want to share with all of you my list of the Top 11 haunts on the Lower East Side! What do you think? Did I leave any spots off that you would have included? - http://bit.ly/qvhaunts

Rocktober 23rd!

Taking it back to NYC for Rocktober today! "Another Day In The Life" from Toilet Boys - cool tune by a great (missed!) band with that hard edged New York attitude! Had the privilege of opening for them at Don Hill's and they knocked me out... Maybe it was all the pyrotechnics? Crank it up - Happy Hump Day! http://youtu.be/RmXwQrPoAO0

Rocktober 22nd!

PAT BENATAR!!! 'NUFF SAID!!! - http://youtu.be/7qUFZwJb9GA

Queen V on That Other Pregame Show!

So pleased to get home from the UK pop on the TV and see the great people over at That Other Pregame Show on CBS Sports playing the video for "Cry Your Eyes Out" on the show and talking to Coach Cowher about his appearance in it! Thanks so much for the support guys! - http://youtu.be/NwCRTdtAzbU

Rocktober 21st!

We're going deep here with the best advice I can come up with today, my first day back: Don't Fear The Reaper! Blue Oyster Cult is one of those bands whose songs are just ingrained in you, even if you're not sure why. Happy Monday, you've almost made it through! - http://youtu.be/ZdXfkkyI1nQ

TV Appearance Tonight + Back In NYC!

Safely back in the States and excited about that thrilling New York Jets win yesterday afternoon! Going to be on SoCal Beat tonight so if you are in Southern California be sure to tune in at 9:00pm on SoCal 101(ch. 354 on Time Warner)! - http://youtu.be/-B83GMUGktM

Rocktober 20th!

How about a little Guns N' Roses on this happy Rocktober Sunday?? On the flight back to NYC this morning, "Paradise City" was knockin' around my head..."Oh won't you please take me home!!!" It's great to be back. Enjoy! - http://youtu.be/8Ei9LBRvU4Q

Rocktober 19th!

Here's Chris Cornell doing "Say Hello To Heaven" the Temple of the Dog classic! Love his soulful voice, great guitar-work and the spirit of this tune always reminds me of the bigger picture. Light a candle turn up the volume and enjoy!! - http://youtu.be/5Pt03oU6RHI

Rocktober 18th!

Eurythmics, an iconic UK duo...Great songs, tremendous voice, stellar production and what lovely style! The first time I heard "Sweet Dreams" as a lil kid I was scared, pleased and mesmerized all at the same time! - http://youtu.be/qeMFqkcPYcg

Rocktober 17th!

Today's Rocktober post is inspired by my UK setting, along with all the posts I've been seeing from friends back home checking out the Nine Inch Nails tour. Here's David Bowie with "I'm Afraid of Americans." - http://youtu.be/gPVrFIP0CMs