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Queen V / Blog

March Madness Day 10

For the last day of my March Madness rundown of guitar influences I'm going with Joe Perry! He brought the dirty blues and cool riffs to all those amazing Aerosmith songs...check out "Toys In The Attic" live from Woodstock '94! - http://youtu.be/oxOaPvkE6B0

Hearts Feeding Souls

Excited to attend tonight's "Hearts Feeding Souls" benefit for Toni's Kitchen In Montclair, NJ! They are a great organization that feeds the community, check out http://tk.slechurch.org/ to see how you can help!

March Madness Day 9

For the second to last day of my own March Madness, it's gotta be Malcolm Young of AC/DC. While Angus is no doubt amazing, I always wanted to be more Malcolm, a super-tight rhythm player, writing killer tunes and riffs with that full, low-gain sound. So many to choose from but here's "You Shook Me All Night Long." - http://youtu.be/Lo2qQmj0_h4

March Madness Day 8

Going bluesy for today's March Madness post. Albert King, "Born Under A Bad Sign" with his guitar of choice - the Flying V - a man after my own heart! A king of blues indeed... http://youtu.be/BKY8KIt9kqc

March Madness Day 7

Up next for my March Madness rundown of my most influential guitarists is David Gilmour. He gets such a unique tone out of his Strat. Here he is with "There's No Way Out Of Here" from his first solo record. - http://youtu.be/dUBil43DAoo

March Madness Day 6

Growing up watching Joan Jett play her Les Paul with all the fervor, might and irreverence of punk rock definitely made me think that I could do it too.... Not to mention her revolutionary vocal approach and all around badassness, she defies the reviled "good for a girl" saying. Here's a classic live video of "Bad Reputation" for March Madness today. - http://youtu.be/_S7MlEBKB0k

March Madness Day 5

March Madness continues on with Keith Richards, because it doesn't get cooler than Keith...'nuff said! - http://youtu.be/3vtILjo26ew

March Madness Day 4

Next up for my March Madness list of my personal guitar influences is Pete Townshend of The Who! For the killer anthemic tunes, raw expression and of course the windmill! Check him out doing his thing live in this version of "Pinball Wizard!" - http://youtu.be/d4TF9YBi5ck

March Madness Day 3

For today's March Madness most influential guitarist I've got to go with Randy Rhoads, for all he did for Metal, with a Les Paul and a Marshall, "Crazy Train" is about as iconic as it gets! - http://youtu.be/fcsFHdoT6bs

March Madness Day 2

Next up on my March Madness list of my personal most influential guitarists is Eddie Van Halen! Fair Warning is my favorite Van Halen album and I thought "Hear About It Later" would be a great example of that signature Eddie guitar sound. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/1b7mRIdAD48