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Queen V / Blog

Rocktober 19th!

Here's Chris Cornell doing "Say Hello To Heaven" the Temple of the Dog classic! Love his soulful voice, great guitar-work and the spirit of this tune always reminds me of the bigger picture. Light a candle turn up the volume and enjoy!! - http://youtu.be/5Pt03oU6RHI

Rocktober 18th!

Eurythmics, an iconic UK duo...Great songs, tremendous voice, stellar production and what lovely style! The first time I heard "Sweet Dreams" as a lil kid I was scared, pleased and mesmerized all at the same time! - http://youtu.be/qeMFqkcPYcg

Rocktober 17th!

Today's Rocktober post is inspired by my UK setting, along with all the posts I've been seeing from friends back home checking out the Nine Inch Nails tour. Here's David Bowie with "I'm Afraid of Americans." - http://youtu.be/gPVrFIP0CMs

Rocktober 16th!

Sitting down to have my first pint of Guinness here in the UK and am sending out this Rocktober request to my friend Ed who wanted to hear some Led Zeppelin today! Here's his favorite Zep tune, "Achilles Last Stand" to help you through the rest of hump day! - http://youtu.be/YWOuzYvksRw


Been going a little UK heavy on Rocktober the last few days, so I decided it was time to balance things out a bit. What better way than with "America" from The Decade of Queen V! - http://youtu.be/O563BKQdZFk

Guitar World Giveaway!

My big giveaway at Guitar World is about to wrap up, get your entries in at http://bit.ly/qvgwgiveaway while you still can! If you don't win don't sweat it, because there's always great gear in my store at http://bit.ly/qvstore !

Rocktober 14th!

Just took my first #Rocktober request, this one's for Chris M. in New Cross! Elton John's "Rocket Man" - it's a great song by an iconic musician, not to mention Sir Elton was Knighted by The Queen! "Burnin' out his fuse up here alone" are the correct lyrics, in case you were wondering. Enjoy!! http://youtu.be/WhAs44o0sYM

Rocktober 13th!

It's a cold and rainy Sunday here in London and I just had high tea! Now it's off to watch the New York Jets game in a pub and have a pint or two. Forgive me, but the song that's trolling in my head today is Morrissey Official's "Everyday Is Like Sunday." - http://youtu.be/OmPKVvxFb1c

London Calling

As I make my way to the airport for a trip to the UK, I don't think there could be a more fitting Rocktober song than "London Calling" from The Clash! Enjoy! http://youtu.be/EfK-WX2pa8c

Rocktober 11th!

Living Colour: Cult of Personality.... Chosen partly in honor of my pal Vernon Reid, this intense band and their iconic song make a statement on so many levels, but mostly they just RAWK my face off! Talk about NYC rock - this band blew the roof off of CBGB back in the day, so here's a taste of what it might have been like to see them live. Take a big bite folks, and head bang your way into the weekend!! TGIF!!! #Rocktober - http://youtu.be/EeCQq3ot_Qo