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Summer Was a Blast!

We had a great summer down here at the shore! Got our feet wet at Levari's, Kingpin, Yesterdays, Caroline's, and Uncle John's. We got our album into some people's collection. We were featured on an hour-long radio special which played ten of our original recordings, and we got this awesome article in rockonphilly.com: http://rockonphilly.com/2014/09/green-language-performs-on-uss-new-jersey-on-920/ looking forward to the Sept. 20th show on the deck of the USS New Jersey with the American Hitmen. These guys sold 20,000 of their album with no manager or record label!!! Can't Wait!!!


Since last time we wrote you, we were awarded two awesome trophies from Ventnor Coffee for best alternative band and top male vocals (which made us get a little taste of winning a VMA or Grammy :)=)... We rocked Carolines for five and a half hrs... and we completed our first full length album, "OF THE BIRDS". The album is now available for download on CDBaby and iTunes. We really hope you like it. We are really proud of it. The production is all DIY so its not perfect, but its pretty damn good imho and the songs all kick ass!!!

To celebrate, we invited all our best buddies to rock the Ocean City Music Pier this Friday, May 9th and we will be selling the full album at half price at the door, this one time only. The show starts at 6pm and includes one of Philly's top bands, THE RIVALS, Ocean City's favorites, THE OUTLIPS, Brooklyn's two most notorious groups, (who were recently caught mingling with HR from BAD BRAINS) BAD LOOK and HOUNDS BASKET, and a first time performance from ALMOST HEROES. The show is ten bucks at the door, and that, my friends, you just can't beat!!! I hope to see you all there, and can't wait to hear what you think of the new album!

Ivy Chaya Wilson
Ivy Chaya Wilson  (8 months ago)



Wow!!! We played with a lot of great acts and dealt with a whole bunch of technical difficulties, but it propelled us to go into frontman mode and drop to one guitar. We turned up the energy to 110% and took home first place at the spectacular Ventnor Coffee Music Showdown... see you all next Saturday, March 29th, for the final round: for all the marbles!!! WE LOVE OUR JOB!!!

Green Language
Green Language  (9 months ago)

wooo hooooo!!!!


We put in 4 good hours of rock and came up with some footage for our new video for "There Will Be Blood" Thanks to all our friends and family who came out to support and helped us look cool with all their crazy dancemoves and outrageous bar tabs... more to come!!!

Green Language
Green Language  (9 months ago)

awesome video, Matt did a great job- especially considering you gave him a deadline last minute & he pulled it off in a few hours!

We're #1!!!

We finally accomplished something with our lives!!! In just a few short weeks, Green Language has skyrocketed up the reverbnation charts to become the #1 ranked rock band in our region... I don't know what the criteria is for their ranking system, but I'm not gonna complain! Special thanks to everyone who checked out the page, became a fan, liked us on Facebook, followed us on Twitter or made us dinner, etc... Today South Jersey, Tomorrow, THE WORLD!!!

Bowled 'Em Over At KingPin

Well, we played our first official gig at Kingpin Bowling Alley. It was a benefit show, thrown by Kat Leo and others to help a young student with medical costs. We were happy to be a part of it! Aside from a few moments of technical difficulty from the PA system, the band played great. Everybody had a blast, caught a few drinks and went bowling afterwards. We got to pass out some flyers for our reverbnation website with upcoming concert dates. Even the guy who complained that we were too loud said we were good... so, that's not too shabby :) Now comes the real test, March 21st at Levari's in Tuckahoe, where we will have to keep a crowd on their toes for four straight hours. Only time will tell. Time to get back to my guitar and practice those crowd pleasers!!!


As a drummer, it can be difficult learning new beats and fills and such, but my time with this band has been incredible! I first started out playing the guitar which then evolved to playing the drums for the band D-Suspended (locally). After a while, I wanted a new experience with some talented musicians and along came these guys. Since January we have come a long way and I can promise all of our fans that the ball will continue to roll and we will produce many great hits for you all to hear! As a member of Green Language I am committed to answering questions from the fans and perhaps enthused by posting events that happen within the band. Anyways, live strong and Rock on! -Ryan S.


Shiffler has led a musically charmed life which included meeting Paul McCartney, Steven Tyler, Roger Daltrey, Billy Joel and Tony Bennett all in one night, while working at Shea Stadium in Queens (place of The Beatles great concert). He shared a few drinks with Lady Gaga at underground dive Welcome To The Johnson's in Manhattan's Lower East Side, played with hundreds of great acts across the country for countless audiences, sold thousands of albums, even caught the microphone on his birthday at a Soundgarden concert to sing along with the group, and met his lovely wife, fine artist and former Millville Gallery owner, Ivy Chaya Wilson, at a small cafe where he was performing a solo concert. "I was lucky to meet her. I might be sleeping in Central Park right now, instead of raising a beautiful family," Shiffler declared. The couple have two young boys and are expecting a daughter in June. While Eddie was with DogZ of Zeus, Ivy created the album art and did graphic design for several projects and events. Now she is the Art Director and Graphic Artist behind Eddie Shiffler's show, Rattling Chains. The event will feature Rock Art and atmospheric design. Ivy is currently a member of the Ocean City Fine Arts League, shows work at William Ris Gallery in Stone Harbor, and freelances for ArtC (www.artCnow.com), the region's gateway to the arts. ArtC founder, creative director, and photographer, Bill Horin will be in attendance to help document the event. ArtC has recently produced films of renowned Southern New Jersey artists, Patt Whitt and Victor Grasso. The shows will surely be special performances, highlighting milestones from Shiffler's over 300 original compositions, tales of his musical journeys through the country, walking the length of the Florida Keys, gunfights in Brooklyn, shady encounters in Tijuana, and much more. Tickets will be available through Ocean City Repertory Theater 609-457-6686 or contact 347-813-5090 to purchase directly from Shiffler. For more information on the show, Shiffler and the art projects of he and his wife, Ivy, visit www.ivychayaart.com.


After traveling the country and busking in New Orleans, Key West, Portland, and everywhere in between, Shiffler returned to his place of birth, Philadelphia. He formed a trio with Cavaretta and powerhouse drummer, Rocco Misco: The Elements only lasted a few shows, which included Philly's Doc Watson's, before Keyser Soze reformed to play the notorious private club, The Helhouse. The Helhouse was hosted by Philadelphia's premiere rock band, Helot's Rebellion; a band who before disbanding had ruled The Kyhber Pass and the World Cafe, and rocked Doc Watson's during a police raid, while guests fled to the rooftop. Just like the musicians on the Titanic, the band played on. The rhythm section of the group, Drummer Mike Crean and Bassist Hakeem Lee formed a project with Shiffler and Guyanese Reggae Song Master, Sargie. The group quickly moved to Brooklyn and became known as The Dangerous Ones. All the while, Shiffler continued his folk career, busking in the NYC subways and parks for extra cash. He created numerous solo albums: Elf Storage, Bub, and The Barefoot Leper. This time inspired Shiffler's writing of the song, Rattling Chains, as he walked 15 miles from Harlem to Bushwick, writing most of the lyrics in his head as he crossed the Williamsburg Bridge from Manhattan into Brooklyn. After The Dangerous Ones disbanded, Shiffler joined the Hard Rock/Metal musicians of Boot Pie. He reshaped the melody and lyrical content of the group, giving them a more mythical and political theme, steeped in the occult, ancient mysteries and secret societies. The group became known as DogZ of Zeus. They were soon signed to Perimeter Records under producer Jamey Staub (Public Enemy, Taj Mahal, Regina Spektor, Run DMC, KRS1). They were voted Best Metal Band in New York at J&R Music Competition by a panel of judges which included Anthrax Bassist, Frank Bello. The band Rocked every club in NYC and contributed to Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert: Rock 4 Relief at Atlantic City's Hard Rock Cafe (Organized by Dan Sinclair and Jacquelyn Tocci of Rock Solid Productions). And in one of Shiffler's final shows with the group, he fronted a group of stellar musicians in an All-Star performance, collaborating with Rex Brown of Pantera, Steve Augeri of Journey, Alex Skolnik of Testament and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Bobby Rondinelli, session drummer of Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Rainbow, and Aerosmith. Their landmark self-titled debut, featuring Shiffler's vocals and lyrics is available at CD Baby and iTunes. Meanwhile, Anthony and Tom along with Tyler Land on drums and Mark Mitchell on vocals are currently working on a live/studio album. The record will have 8 live tracks and 4 studio tracks and will be out this fall...


Shiffler began writing songs and making tapes with his cousins by the age of six. By the time he was a teenager, Eddie and his stepbrother, Steve Cavaretta formed their first real band with longtime friend, Mark Jamieson: The Elements That Matter. The band soon added Andrew Baird and Matt Charles to become the regionally successful Rock Group, Keyser Soze. Officially formed in 1996 as The Fuzz, the group soon gained a reputation for dynamic live shows, with Shiffler as a dramatic, over the top frontman, and Cavaretta as one of the most unique lead guitar players in the area. In only their second show, Shiffler organized a Muscular Dystrophy Association benefit concert at the OC Music Pier: Edfest! With the help of local groups, Tavern, TKO and Sherlock John, the group raised $1500 for the MDA and earned enough to buy their own PA system. The same groups would help to throw a similar benefit with South Jersey AIDS Alliance. The band went on to record four albums, selling over 3,000 total copies by hand, including cult classics, Rolanda and The Dying Breed (including local hit songs played on WZXL, WJSE and the Cindi Margolis web radio: Legend, Long Ride Home and Exeunt). Keyser Soze went on to perform the most important rock clubs in the United States, including CBGB's in NYC, The Whiskey A-Go-Go in LA, and The Pontiac Grille in Philadelphia. They performed with world class rock legends, such as The Strokes at Atlantic City's Duke Mack's (only a few weeks later the roof literally caved in on the club). The greatest honor of their career was when CBGB's invited Keyser Soze to one last performance on the final Friday night of the penultimate rock club's existence, to which they brought a party bus of 50 fans to crash the door. All the while, Shiffler delved deep into the roots of American music and developed his songwriting diversity. He learned of the great trinity of Blues, Jazz and Folk Music. He became part of an underground arts movement known as The Soilsacks, which included writers Matt Donovan and Pillar Chiggs, as well as anti-philosophers, such as Jim McMullen. They worked together with the Ocean City Fine Arts League and their renowned artist volunteers (Jim Penland, Joe Kardonne, Wanda Kline) to bring more art to the downtown and involve younger artists and musicians in the community. The Soilsacks have gone on to include many honorary members, such as Millville's late, great poet laureate, Johnny Bongo. Shiffler came to be known by the Soilsacks as the Barefoot Leper...