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so if u dont know who this is for then its not you.....

Current mood: aroused Category: Writing and Poetry It started wit some idle chit chat about this an that .....well befo' it pro-gressed to sex so pure in its in-fancy who was them to see the forever they was meant to be so fool-ish-ly with the same ole same ole so used to bussers that he ran lame game on had to get his play on shorty remained calm she would swear she heard and seen it all but she never seen one who spake so sincere his heart seemed made of e'rything nice all sugar and spice she steady dreamin' bout the rest of her life while the homie caught up in the night still he on that flight thru the clouds where tomorrow is allowed to be more than a myth to him see its dif-fer-rent the God's Eye that he view his world thru ain't used to the sight or the feeling his soul needs healing ....lil mama say she wanna play doctor she even willing to prop his soapbox up if he's willing to on-ly be honest for a change and rely on his heart and not his brain but mane im just saying way too much........

what makes me different

Current mood: contemplative Category: Blogging .. This Is a question I've spent a significant amount of time thinking about because if I'm the same I wasting your time and mine. So, for the sake of classification. Well say I'm a gangsta rapper in the same vein as a T.I. Young Jeezy, LIL Wayne, Jay-Z , 50 cent. Not to say I am comparable or superior lyrically or stylistically but that we are all gangsta rappers. But what is the one thing all of these rappers have in common? Its there persona. There all hustlers turned rappers and if you listen to them tell it they are damn good at both. Now I'm not here to question the legitimacy of there claims because it been my experience that a hustler is one occupation that seems to always be hiring. Overtime is always available the pay is decent but the risk are enormous. I digress from my point though. I don't see myself as the perennial winner like most rappers do but the constant loser and occasional winner because in real life its been my experience that things seem to go wrong more often than not. I think that is a more realistic world view and more versatile one. Sometimes I got jeezy on blast (my president is black) I got the white Nike's on and a fresh cut and I just feeling like snoop in 94 I don't love them hoes. I'll admit that's misogynistic and that's typical of gangsta rap but it is a real emotion you might not approve of it. It might be self destructive for a community but its how I feel at that time. Sometimes you just don't want something long-term you want a fling but there also have been times were I was with a shorty that meant more to me than I can explain in words and I thought why does her smile make me smile? Now, since I'm gangsta rapper it can be said that, "that makes me soft" but I say, "that makes me real" so what makes me different from rappers probably is what makes me similar to you. This is just a deeper look into my mind than my rhymes can allow. I would love to hear what yall think about it. hit me up ..