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TompazJam / Blog

Rising Storms Feat. Brice Cross

© original song by Tompaz Lead Guitar:Brice Cross (idea was put big time into the” little” international as domestic) hope ya like it Peace all-Tom

new tune-When you are around

hi Guys if ya got 1min or 2:)appreicate yer feedback on this new tune cheers&a groovy time ahead:) http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/15217207 Tompaz

new tune-Brittle Flower

welcome in for an ear-ing:) peace Tompaz

Contributions is ok:)

Hi Guys now on iTunes/Napster/Amazonmp3 so all sweet contributions are as you know well received and enjoy the ones you consider take down:) peace n love all Tompaz

Are all cool in here?

Does your music come thru really in here? to me as an amateurish dude been a combination "ego" -"heart joy" ride beyond imagination. if calculate time spent with making music and stuff in here well counting dimes is one way to put it but also been a musical ride of happiness by all kind words and also the fantastic response in critical input in positive sense. money well-who dont want some cash:)?? been putting up some tunes now at itunes/napster/amazon and if i get back half of da 34 bucks it costed am fine with that:) have a great day all-cheers

JumpUpCloser-new song

listen n comment or pass it by -really dont know what to say:) have a nice weekend all



Where do you turn to?new song out

new song which describes a bit of the toll waiting on answers can take on love but yet also strenghten it

new song-Sacando El Aire (steamin off some vibes)

just took off some steam making this and noticed it came out as a little tribute to Mr Santana in some way:)

new tune out

Shine Your Lovelight is a new tune just out here hope you dig it folks cheers n peace all Tompaz