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Terrain / Blog

I love Rock n Roll

Better to be #67 of 230 than #8 of 23.. maybe.

you might get bit.

lots of folks are cruising and fanning. Alot of number #1's are mediocre at best. We check out the chart and when the number 2 and 3 and 4 are so much better but they're not actively canvassing, well you guessed it, we thank you for leading us to such fine music and we kick your can on down the road. So be aware, we check out everyone that comes our way. if your a rapper, you got little chance of reciprocity, if you use auto-tune or your production is made out of a box you probably won't get fanned. Consider this our constitution

Labor Day weekend

Hope all you pickers and grinners and happy shiny folk have a safe and wonderous Labor Day weekend. Go out and visit someone who's housebound. Do something out of your ordinary routine to make someone smile. Make your time meaningful because this music life is very me-oriented.

Getting lots of FANS but no one is listening to the songs.

Is this just a shell game? Lots of people are becoming fans but fans of what? Fans of fanning? I thought it would be good to return the favor when someone would find us but I am seeing people who are just chumping the system. FROM HERE ON OUT.. WE WILL ONLY BECOME A FAN IF WE LIKE YOU. For that you just need to be decent, but some of you #1's out there really don't deserve it. dig

Flags of Honor

July 3rd 2014 Olmstead Falls 8-10PM free to the public at Grand Junction Wedding Gardens. WE ARE HONORED TO BE PART OF THIS.

Playing Free

if it's a benefit for a good cause, like raising money for hospitals, free clinics, cancer... we are all in. Otherwise 6 divided by 0 is a mathematical anomaly

Stairway to Never

We are a band that don't suck. We also have at least one brain cell between the six of us. We almost burned that little guy out trying to figure out why we needed to submit credit card information for something that is free. We are kidding of course, We know why? Reverbnation puts that info on file for one month and when you forget to sign out, they start to charge you month after month. Maybe your smart enough to decline the service but stats say there are a number of you out there paying for something you got hooked up for free.

1 man band

Of course Terrain is a six piece but to list members you have to give up an e-mail for everybody. Who knows what kind of train you're getting on with that.. Bad enough that I've got to receive so much advertising from ReverbNation much less everyone else in the band.. I like to complain!!!

chap two

In honor of the silence surrounding all the things we want vs all the things we need, We salute you.

Chip Away

Signed up to get a possible job which uses ReverbNation as a screening tool. What's up with the nickel and dime antics of this site? It's hard enough to figure out how to set up a simple profile without running into ads that give you free this or that till next week when its gonna cost you. Could we get back to booking shows face to face? I know I'm showing my age. I like albums better than Mp3's and I like live music always.