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Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally, plus Rose o... / Blog

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Have you joined our street team already? Email us at community@nellrobinsonmusic.com!

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#DollyParton, look what a beauty she is, and her songs capture the stories of our lives and relationships.

Rose of No-Man's Land

Rose of No-Man’s Land has songs and stories exploring personal responses to war, from heroes to pacifists. #roseofnomansland #nellrobinson

See you this weekend!

Hey everyone! Hope to see you at our gigs this week for our Seeds & Stories Trails Tour!

May 24 - Alhambra Theatre, Portland May 25 - Triple Door, Seattle

Tickets: bit.ly/1pzwjFf

We are excited to perform for you all!



Have y'all joined my street team already? Email us at community@nellrobinsonmusic.com! #nellrobinsonmusic #americana

Family roots

Family roots, stories, memories…I was just thinking about walking down a red dirt road as a teen and a pickup truck pulled up, You must be Irene’s girl, you look just like her! Never seen him before but he saw my history in me. Do your roots show?? #nellrobinsonmusic

Jack Elliot

It’s always a hoot performing with Ramblin Jack Elliot! A free spirit if there ever was one, an adventure around every corner! Speaking of, we have another gig on the 1st of May in Berkeley, CA! #ramblinjackelliot #nellrobinsonmusic


Technology has trained us to look up everything we want to know, obsessed with facts. These days I’d rather imagine and wonder. I like the questions more than the answers #nellrobinsonmusic