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Six-String Slim / Blog

Heartbreak & Reality

Getting through my final Open Mic night in Abilene, TX was not an easy thing to do, and those familiar with my condition/situation read the pain on my face no matter how well I tried to mask it in a smiling, brave face. Thanks to those that were able to show up for my last go 'round here XO!

MezaMiz Coffee Shop Dec. 16th, 2014

I will be playing one last open mic night in Abilene, TX for a good long while (it looks like). I don't know when I will be back this way. Tennessee is calling me back.

New Song Release!

Thank you for all your support via fanning me, the kind words in your messages to me and all the wonderful comments on my page. Thus for all the love and support: "Right Back At You!" XO! -Six

Steve Inglis
Steve Inglis  (7 months ago)

Dude, you deserve every comment, every fan. THANK YOU...for being there.

Steve Inglis
Steve Inglis  (7 months ago)

Dude, you deserve every comment, every fan.
THANK YOU for being there.

To All The Beautiful People (You look "mahvaluss!")

Citizens of RevebNation, You are a wonderful group of individuals individually & a great collection collectively!!! XO! -Slim

"Makin' The Best of A Bad Situation"

"And the liquor is quicker, my shiny Aston Martin is slicker. But I'm just Makin' The Best of A Bad Situation."

"Ode To ReverbNation"

I am loving ReverbNation so much! Not just to have a place to "get my music out there" but it's truly a potpourri of sounds and personalities that constantly amazes and blesses me! Thank you for being here and allowing diversity to be the rule, not the exception. Love to all the great Talents on here as well, XO!!!


Texas? THIS is Texas? It's been colder than an Arctic Witch's nipples here! Brrrrrr@

"Slim Is My Name"

"It's true I'm a drifter, ol' Slim is my name...Sometimes I get lonesome and I need some company, I just find me a woman who enjoys the nudity."

"An Intriguing Notion"

Due to creative perfectionism, "An Intriguing Notion" has been removed. We shall re-post it at a later date. "With hope and reflection." -Six

“Twixt The Clock & The Compass (Bookmarks of Time)”

We are all controlled by two main things in this life. The passing of time and the passage(s) we choose to take. There is a beauty found in our aging. There so many things we as adults are able to enjoy and the pleasures of our intercourses cannot be fully appreciated by a youngster. Maybe that’s why a child can’t wait to be “big.”

I would rather sit and listen to a musician who has “wood-shedded” his time and is well-versed (“practiced-up” as it were) on a given instrument than to sit through a screechy, ill-timed, out-of-tune player.

Yet the simplicity of innocence possesses an intriguing quality. The wonder of a child’s eyes at discovering things for the first time is beautiful, and awe-inspiring. Yet, lines on a face of age are riddled with stories from their life. Beautiful.

Thus let time go. We cannot control it, let alone contain it. All we can do with the clock is appreciate its moments. And some of those moments that are given to us become treasured mementos in our mind’s book of memories, snapshots in our time, forever sealed on special pages (Bookmarks of Time).

Grip the compass. We CAN control that. Because each day/night presents new opportunities and choices for each and every one of us. Everybody is given a compass at birth. What we do with it is up to us. Yes, there are unforeseeable stones that jump up in our pass way. Troubles, infirmities, etc. that can/will affect our direction. “Thy burdens are greater than mine” as one writer said. Regardless, do this next thing with dedication, with determination. Develop an indomitable spirit for your dreams. And lastly…

Set your goals early!!! Do no harm, and simply strive toward your goals. SET THEM HIGH. Dream big. STRIVE! STRIVE! STRIVE TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS THRIVE!