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Mingo / Blog

Don't Stop This Night - EDM EP

Released a 4 track EDM EP "Don't Stop This Night" last week. Available on iTunes, Spotify and more. Check out the complete EP at http://www.mingosphere.com

56th Grammy's

"Sky Over Sea" has been submitted to the 56th Grammy's for nomination consideration

Sky Over Sea review

The title to Mingo's latest release "Sky Over Sea", suggests that this is a musical journey, by sky and sea. That would be an understatement. While this album does take you to the sky and sea, it starts out on a launchpad and blasts you into the cosmos. You observe the planet below for awhile as you share the orbit with the moon. Then, you descend back to mother earth, gently splashing down into the ocean. And towards the end of the album, you gently drift over the horizon into a land known only to Mingo.

While this album borrows in part from some of his previous releases, notably the ambient drifts of "The Once And Future World", and the tribal percussion from "Kailasa" - the first two tracks, "Candelabra Sky" and "The Beach House", are a welcoming departure from anything I've heard from Mingo's previous efforts. These first two tracks engage the listener with their hypnotic, electronic rhythm, while gentle ambient washes and tribalesque flute melodies fill out the rest of the track. It's as if you are observing the future and the past at the same time. And the rest of the album only gets better.

Truly another great album from Mingo. If you are unfamiliar with his work - this it the one you want to get. - SpaceCase

Ravidina featured on Echoes

My track "Ravidina" from my latest album "Kailasa" has been featured this week on the public radio syndicated show Echoes with John Diliberto. http://echoes.org

"Kailasa" ZMR Award nomination consideration

"Kailasa" is included in the 2012 ZMR Music Awards for "Best Relaxation/Meditation Album" Catagory


Must Go - Once and future world

"Once and Future World" physical CD only $5 (reg. $20) each. If they don't sell they will get "recycled" by CDbaby!


Best Electronic Albums – 2012

"Kailasa" was included in New Age Music World Best Electronic Albums – 2012


Kailasa review on Hypnagogue

I’ve followed Mingo’s musical path ever since he hooked me with The Once and Future World, but if you’d had me sit down to listen to his new release, Kailasa, without telling me who it was, I would never have guessed.

Read the rest of the review at the Hypnagogue site:


#28 on terrestrial radio charts

My album "Kailasa" - #28 on Zone Music radio charts for October


55the Grammy Awards nomination

My latest New Age album "Kailasa" has been submitted for nomination consideration in the 55th Grammy Awards.

The nomination award ceremony will be broadcast live on CBS on December 5th 2012 from Nashville Tennessee. The Awards ceremony will take place on February 10th, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA.