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Sworn Us Under / Blog

Relinquished Lyrics

We have watched you fall Fall away from the world as not to feel its sorrow Waiting for you to turn To see your face when you realize that your life will burn But you’ve closed your eyes So you can’t see the bleeding now all you know are lies We have been your angels And we’ve fought for you but you’ve thrown us away And we give up Drawing these curtains on this darkened day You stumble while scraping your feet Gaze to the eyes of a mirrored face Reminding oneself how to breathe Taking the hand of an armless foe An enemy may now know the way A forked tongue escapes from a smile These clouds over head start to rain Whither away find a prideful man’s grave You're knee deep in this blackened tar There’s nothing to say yet you speak anyway The omens have traveled so far Children begin to ask loved ones why What’s in there shifting the mist As many eyes fall causes unjustified What faith is left begins to slip Tasting the sky while the river runs red The shadows caressing the banks Whisper the secrets I see in your eyes The text of the tongue draws a blank Timid illusions stir in the brush The teeth of the blade meet their feast The strength of the weary resides in their flaws A panic replaces the grief.

Eternity Lyrics

Dirty earth beneath my feet If I once had wings, there’s no scars to be seen But I can’t be the fallen God am I only a man The mirrors shattered like my memory Vacant eyes rest upon the stars I can’t recall what it was to dream I think I’m breathing but I can’t be sure I feel the nothing What has become of me As I gather the shards of a tragedy And I Feel this has got to be eternity The dusk seemed to follow Is that ash in the trees Do you remember tomorrow Cause it’s escaping me A keyless cage is all I have The ringing never ceases and it’s still hard to see A putrid scent stains the air An imperative decision lies just out of reach Sanity escapes with all the pain and fear Is this my perdition What has become of me As I gather the shards of a tragedy And I Feel this has got to be eternity As glass rains down on the cracked foundations Of spires that once grazed the sky A panic roams the devastation While grieving shades burn what’s left of their lives Now watch them roam What has become of me As I gather the shards of a tragedy And I Feel this has got to be eternity

And Now I Fall Lyrics

Sanity’s becoming a stretch Gazing in to this dark abyss and there’s no hand to grip My eyes lie focused on the refracted light at the surface Asphyxiated I’m asphyxiated But a broken man in the cold and the deep The siren's song proves bitter sweet There’s nowhere left to turn The final pieces click The only bridge I have begins to burn The remedy I seek just out of reach Why Seems I shouldn’t even try The taste of salt upon my lips My hold on hope begins to slip Am I facing the gallows With the hands of fate around my throat If this is to be my end Don’t expect me to give in I will fight you tooth and nail And you won’t gain a single inch I’ve tasted paradise and been through hell I refuse to bow to this I am facing the gallows As I grab the hands around my throat Tear them away you can’t have me It’s not my time A brutal reminder of mortality My heart slows and my lungs start to hurt The sight of the surface light begins to blur Whirling in the winds The sky swallows me whole A darkened veil descends And I lose my hold Fighting just to breath My conscious mind decays At the bottom all I see Is that I can’t be saved Asphyxiated Try to clinch my fists To throw another blow The teeth are sinking in And the panic grows Stricken by the weight And the petrifying cold Lost in its embrace And I let go With the current beneath my arms Into the depths I drift away There’s nowhere left to turn The final pieces click The only bridge I have begins to burn The remedy I seek just out of reach I I can say at least I tried A muffled whisper from my lips Which I release my final breath I face the gallows As the hands tighten around my throat Delicate bones start to bend In this twisted pit in which I descend Timidly I walk this line And finally release my fists Start to taste the end of time I begin to accept this I have faced the gallows A final farewell escapes my throat And now I fall.

Hindsight Lyrics

It’s been a while since I Heard the songs of those I Left behind but did not lay to rest Now I’m sure I must find A way to bleed what’s in my Hollow heart lest I may never forget Fealty fades when truce binds Seek a means to confide Resolve collapses in desperation's haze In the end I swore though With nothing left to follow My diluted soul won’t be the end of me Gather around to witness the rupture And see how the stone man bleeds A brilliant betrayal guides what guilt lies Waiting just to cripple me I won’t let this cripple me Simple enough to stump myself I’m blind enough to try The truth has left me bound and defenseless But I will make a change this time Another chapter locked away But closure never further With nothing left to take my breath away But never the less I’m closer Closer to a clearer picture I finally see the face of this Slowly I remember If I am to bury this I must ignite the embers And watch these memories burn Take a breath and see You are now free With a shadow so great Will you find reprieve Man Was meant To stomp Out everything that got in his way Regret is beneath me Come too far to think this way If you are hearing this Now you know that I can’t be stopped I can assure you I’ll leave my mark Fate is for the weak I make my own path Take what you seek Or else you may never Get what you deserve.

Line In The Sand Lyrics

Three rounds left and I’m tired of crawling Nothing left to hold on to If you might indulge my concepts I’d like to educate you I know you can barely comprehend The words that escape me This is not that complicated So try to keep up and listen closely What if my time stood still What if I dismissed truth What if all the masks I wear began to recreate you My delusions make a nest inside Replacing all you know Turn the page don’t learn a thing Plots thicken but never grow I am just the solo target Waiting for the break of dawn If you cannot overcome me Hope that I’ll be overthrown This is just my vague description Call it my line in the sand The prints of a shadow fading quickly You’ve finally lost me but learned the lesson What if I was hallow What if I was empty What if when you gazed into my eyes All you found was nothing All you seem to see are the verses scratched into the wall But the story you’ve been searching for lies crumpled on the floor And it says it all Read between the lines One more latch to lock down tightly One last link to break away Final notes decaying slowly A silhouette is all that remains Read between the lines

Our New APP

Just a quick blog to mention that we have created a Smart Phone APP!!