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The Debut of Kingsley Flood 2.0

Well, we have wiped away the tears after the departure of Michael Spaly: fiddler/mandoliner/guitarist/singer/dancer/joke-teller extraordinaire. Michael is departing the People's Republic of Cambridge for the less socialized pastures of Seattle (actually, there's really not that much of a difference), literally as we speak.

He leaves a huge void, as we'll miss his playing, his energy, and most of all, his ideas. It was all Michael who convinced us to put peepers on the record (yes people, there are peepers...that's all you get for now). At first we all thought this was Michael being a hippie yet again, but with a little magic, we think it sounds kinda cool and will be a great opening to the record.

But we march on. Tonight we're joined at the Cantab by George Hall on guitar and Kellen Zakula on fiddle. Two excellent musicians who will provide a different, but very welcome sound to the band. And the fact that we're playing at the Cantab - possibly our favorite bar in the metropolitan Boston area if not the universe - surely bodes well for our future. We're competing with the legendary Chicken Slacks tonight who are playing upstairs and whose concerts we've all shaken booties to many-a-time. We feel kinda bad about that, but maybe it's a good thing - you really don't want to see our booties shaking. It's totally gross.