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The Road Hammers / Blog

New album 'Wheels' available June 3 - Pre-Order now on iTunes!

Strap yourself in and hang on The Road Hammers are back with Wheels (Open Road Recordings), a record that will resonate deeply with anyone who ever up and shook the dust off their boots and hit the road just for the hell of it.

Scheduled for release on June 3rd, Wheels is a tight set of raw and uncompromising tunes that telegraphs the unique sense of freedom found by getting behind the wheel of something, anything, and getting the hell out of Dodge. Nowhere is that more evident than on Wheels second single ‘Mud,’ a track dedicated to people who love getting dirty at high speed on motorbikes, trucks, hot rods or whatever they can fire up and head out on.

Pre-Order now on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/wheels/id871037653

Mud Available Now

Watch MUD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMQhoU-SL5w

Get it on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/mud-single/id818909602

New video coming soon!

New music video coming next week, Monday February 17th! Stay tuned!

"Get On Down the Road" Available on iTunes




Well, we've been on the road for about a week so far and we are having a blast! The weather is good and tonight is the last night in ontario for a while. Its great to see the fans come out to say hello. Touring our home and native land is such a privilige and a joy. We've each been crossing the country for years in one form or another and I never get tired of it. Driving across the Canadian Sheild is jaw dropping(but not in winter!). This country is so beautiful. Headed out west next and hope to see all the hammerheads in the west come to the shows. Thanks again to all for the support!!!!


Cool Tunes

So I'm on a plane the other day and the guy sitting next to me asked me what I was listening to on my mp3 player. I told him a guy named Jon Brion. Brion is a well known producer in the pop world and his solo stuff is an earful. So the guy next to me starts talking about this band he's listening to called Elbow. I hadn't heard of them but as of now I'm a huge fan. I picked up one of their cds and love it. Point is, I love talking to people who love music as much as I do. The diversity of music out there floating around is as diverse as the people who listen to it. I thanked my new friend when I got off the plane. He got me listening to a new artist and hopefully I got him listening to the new Hammers record! See you on tour 'yall. Chris

Live @ Willie Nelson's

Hey everybody, I just got back from Austin TX recording with my friend Gordie Johnson (BIG Sugar/Grady) at Willie Nelson's studio! You can check out the song we wrote and recorded called, “Alberta Bones” on my myspace now! http://www.myspace.com/claytonbellamyband Stay tuned because I have some big things cooking for 2009! Also the new Road Hammers record, The Road Hammers II is in stores and online now at www.theroadhammers.com so pick it up today! The first show of our Canadian tour starts this weekend so get your tickets and come and party down with the Hammers. You can hear us play the new record live and blow your ears and your minds! Hope you’re all doing well, keep in touch and most of all spread the word and tell all of your friends! Clayton Bellamy

Sleepless in Nashville

You know, I couldn't sleep, so I cranked on the tube. There is nothing but negative news about the world. I know times are hard, and things are tight all around, but I just want to remind us all (me in particular, because I get down on all of this negative news myself) that every day God gives us is the true blessing. ANYTHING we get beyond that is just gravy. I know it's just a bunch of words, but I mean it, it’s pretty dang good to be alive when you think about it. So, I'm still sleepless, but I'm going to switch over to WALKER TEXAS RANGER. If WALKER was in charge of the economy and the world, he would know what to do, he always does. I hope I can be Walker when I grow up. Man that would be a lot of gravy! Jason McCoy

New Album in Stores TODAY!!

Our new Canadian album "The Road Hammers II" is now available! Get your copy today! Available on itunes, MapleMusic.com, and everywhere great music is sold!!!!

A Kiss for Country

It's time to help kiss domestic violence goodbye with the second annual A KISS FOR COUNTRY auction! This year, The Road Hammers have teamed up with Mary Kay Inc., The Official Beauty Sponsor of the 42nd Annual CMA Awards, and the Country Music Association to lend their lips to the cause. By bidding on kisses from The Road Hammers, you can help raise awareness and funds for the prevention of domestic violence.From now until December 12, you can bid on your favorite Road Hammers "Kiss Cards" - one-of-a-kind plaques with signed kiss prints. For each autographed kiss print purchased, 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation programs committed to ending the epidemic of violence against women. Click here to bid on a kiss from The Road Hammers!