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Malindia Shoptaw/Songwriter / Blog

Link to my "Wonder Woman Cleaning Service"

Here is the link to my "Wonder Woman Cleaning Service". Check it out and share! Thank You!!! Cleaning Services

New Song Uploaded

Just wanted to share my new demo for "Till The Lonely's Gone"....and many thanks to my publisher Jim Donaldson for the great production on it. Let me know how you like it!

Hold The Ones You Love

Hold The Ones You Love...there's nothing better!.....Very happy these days and grateful for the love that surrounds me! 2014....Bring It!

Co-writer Networking

We are songwriters....right? So we should be getting in touch with each other and...writing some songs!

Consider Yourself Warned!

I am a FIRM believer in the right to bear arms....consider yourself warned!

My hero...Vince Moreno

Hey, I'd love for all my fans to click on the new video I have posted on here of my friend...Vince Moreno...singing "Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall". He is my favorite male artist and I hope you will share his music!! Thank you!!

"Long Black Cars & Cocaine" video

Hoping all my friends and fans will check out the slideshow music video me and my friend Donna put together for Ben Coulter's song, "Long Black Cars & Cocaine". We think it's pretty cool, hope you do too!!Finally got it uploaded on here. Check it out and let me know how you like it! Support your local artists and musicians!!!

KSSN 96 FM Homegrown Artist

I have 5 songs posted on KSSN 96 FM Homegrown profile. This is my local radio station for Little Rock, AR. Please check out my profile and play my songs. You can also email requests to djtaylor@clearchannel.com. Thanks to my fans out there!!

Chuck Allen Floyd

If you guys haven't heard Chuck Allen Floyd's music, then you are seriously missing out!! I've met Chuck and he's a great guy with a great voice and great songs. He is on my recommendations section, so give him a listen, okay? Let me know what you think. Malindia.

KSSN 96 FM/Homegrown

Hey, just letting everyone know that our local radio station here in Little Rock, KSSN 96 FM is playing songs of our local artists on the air on Sunday evenings at 7 p.m. They played one of my songs, That's What Daddy's Do performed by Chris Wyatt this week. Fans can log on to the KSSN 96 FM page and click on the Homegrown section to hear all the latest new, original music that is up and coming out of Arkansas. There are some really great singers and songwriters that put their material on here. Fans can also email DJTaylor@clearchannel.com to request songs they like to be played on the air. I hope everyone who can will check out not only my songs, but the songs of all my friends as well and support our local talent. Let me hear from you!!! Malindia.