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Empire of Dezire / Blog

7 Song EP Released

We would like to thank Chris Grimsley of Sideline Records and Lee Diaz of Artworx

7 Song EP Coming.

After weeks of recording and figuring it all out, we have nearly completed a 7 song EP. We have had to say goodbye to Ryan, but Ken has stepped up to do all the guitar work, and it sounds killer. At this moment, Chris Grimsley from Sideline Records is mixing and finalizing it, mastering, and will be available right before our show on the 21st. The show will be a charity event. At that point it's showtime!!!


Some days we are having too much fun to get any real work done, but the music is solid, the foundation is real. We work together and we try different things. we are in a position now where we are comfortable with what lies before us. now we need some other talent in the form of PR, sound, marketing, etc. This is going to be a fantastic summer. 7 new songs, also deciding on the others complete our songlist.

Moving Forward

We have now completed our member lineup...welcome Ryan! we are at 6 new songs, still writing and recording live jam sessions. we have an informal photo shoot coming up. Kyle managed to find some old videos of us back in Ohio. Pretty cool. Down the road, after we start playing out, I'll post pics from those days. Rock ON!

keeping it rolling

We are at that point when all the members of the band are sounding as a complete unit. we are up to 5 new songs for this year, 1 which is in it's beginning idea state, and we have been rehearsing at least 5 songs from our past. Some of these earlier songs have never been released. I am stoked on how well we are progressing we are still weighing in the options for a band name. Should we stick with Tulin? or should we change it... I invite all kinds of comments on that subject. Next for us, a second guitarist and recording. I had a friend loan me a fender squire. I may just get back into playing myself


been working on lyrics to 3 new songs, keeping in mind the importance of being able to relate to people and the current state of affairs, emotionally connecting, no fear. it's in there, just digging it up from the abyss, music is expression of our inner worlds and thoughts

Skid Lid(Biker Music)
Skid Lid(Biker Music)  (9 months ago)

Hope you come up with something great Tulin! Keep writing away.........

New Drummer

Proud to announce we have a new drummer, Todd "Mongo" Bond. Double bass slammer, with great music portfolio and seasoned with bands such as Lock 44 and Puppets of Tyranny. Can you say ZILDJIAN? Already have 4 songs in the works. Very Exciting

Band Practice

Tonight with a new drummer! listening to new riffs, should be great!

Trials and Temptations

Lookin forward to band practice. I went through a strange episode of facing myself about a week ago. It's funny, went to a great show, in a bar of semi strangers, been away so long I don't know people, ken knew almost everyone. The few people I did know was a great relief. So when I closed my eyes, I kept questioning myself. Will I impress others? what could I have said, done, looked differently. What did I forget to do, what should I have said done, etc. I was also noticing the female presence. Did I fit in? Did I stand out too much. The final nail in my coffin...Did I look like a fool who's trying too hard, a has been once was...I've been in the grip of a head cold, and I have to hold off on practicing lest I scare away all the beasts. :-) but 3 days later I decided. You know what Tulin? If you don't LIVE the music, you aren't LIVING. so I am removing the restraints to my creativity, offering support to my fellow musicians/artists/creative souls, requesting they support me as well, and move forward with a pure heart, pure faith, and pure confidence in my vision. The Tulin that questioned me is an illusion, the Tulin that looks at me in full regalia and says YOU ROCK! with two thumbs up, a crazy witchy look on her face, and sword strapped to her back smiling with NO FEAR is the real me.


Going to be singing with Stomphouse for a benefit at the Elks Club on New Years Day! Should be fun